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April 13, 2015




Only We Know is the captivating new novel from Karen Perry, packed full of secrets and suspense.
In 1982, on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday beneath the stifling heat of the midday sun, three children start a game that ends in tragedy.
Now, thirty years later, Nick, Luke and Katie are estranged, yet still bound together by the dark truth of what happened at the river that day.
Except some secrets won’t stay buried.
And when Luke suddenly vanishes and the threatening messages begin, it seems that the strings of the past are tightening around them all. Because someone else knows what they did and is intent on seeking justice, at any cost
From the bestselling author of The Boy That Never Was, Only We Know is a gripping novel that shows just how dangerous our childhood secrets can be.
My Review
I read the book The Boy That Never Was, I was so impressed by this novel that I wanted to read Only We Know. This new novel Only We Know is another great thrilling novel to add for Karen Perry.    The story starts of in Kenya 1982 Luke was told by his mother that the playing near the river is dangerous but his dad seem to let the boys play down by the river.  Their mother watches her two beautiful boys Luke and Nick with Katie head to the river until they reach the trees and disappear into the shadows. When a game is played that ends in tragedy. Thirty years later, Nick, Luke and Katie remain bound together by the truth of what happened that day. But some secrets won’t stayed buried.

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  1. This sounds great – I can’t resist a story with secrets that surface!

  2. I liked The Boy That Never Was by Karen Perry the best out of the two.

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