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April 12, 2015





‘It’s night, and I’m in a strange house. The lights are on, and I’m standing outside a half-open door. Feeling a terrible sense of forboding, I walk slowly inside. And then I see her. A woman lying sprawled across a huge double bed. She’s dead. There’s blood everywhere. And the most terrifying thing of all is that I think her killer might be me

A traumatic car-crash.
A man with no memory,
Haunted by nightmares.
When the past comes calling in the most terrifying way imaginable, Matt Barron is forced to turn to the one person who can help. Ex Met cop, turned private detective, Tina Boyd.
Soon they are both on the run…
My review
 No question about it Simon Kernick is a very talented author. He has written fifteen novels and is the number one best seller. The Final Minute is Simon’s sixteen novel and my first novel that I have read of his. I found The Final Minute gripping from the very first line right through to the very last page. Not only is this a great plot with great characters it speeds through with very fast brilliant action. I loved this story and will definitely be reading more of Simon Kernick’s novels in the future. I have put Simon Kernick on my list as one my favourite crime authors.
The story The Final Minute is about an Ex undercover cop Matt Barron who is in a traumatic car crash and has no memory of who he is or his life before the crash. But Matt seems to be haunted by the same nightmares. What Matt needs is help in finding out who he really is. He turns to an Ex Met cop, Tina Boyd who has become a private detective, in hope that she will help Matt find out more about himself and his past.This story will have your heart racing wondering what is going to happen next. I do hope all readers that read The Final Minute enjoy it as much as I have.



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