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February 1, 2015



Alex Mercer and his son Max find their neighbour dead in the bath. It looks like suicide. but the police want to talk to Alex’s wife. Millicent married Alex for a work permit: at least  that has become the myth. The truth is they married for love, but neither wants to be exposed as a romantic. They swear and smoke  in front of their son, but that is far as rebelliousness goes. The police question Millicent about a bracelet found at the neighbour’s house. She admits to a flirtation – nothing more. But Max knows things about his mother that no son should know, and he wants to share that burden with his father. Alex starts to wonder how close he came to losing his wife. Part of him is almost glad the neighbour is dead. Then the murder investigation begins.

A LINE OF BLOOD is a chilling psychological thriller about family the ties that bind us, and the lies that destroys us.

I appreciate that is very difficult for a new writer to get their first book published. I am so glad that Julie Widsom could see that Ben McPherson’s book would suck readers in. Every page is so nicely played out. The originality for a chilling psychological thriller story is most certainly here. I have never read anything quite like this before. I feel so proud to be one of the first to read an advance reading copy. I promise that the author Ben McPherson will firmly stand out to all readers as a new writer. Ben McPherson has captured a child’s voice and the way a child copies what parent say to absolute perfection.
I think what Ben is trying to say here is that as parents we try to protect our children from hearing and seeing things. A line of Blood begins with Alex Mercer and his 11-year-old son finding their next door neighbour dead in his bath. Alex is worried what emotional and psychological damage this will have for his son Max seeing a dead man in the bath. Further more Alex did not know was that his wife Millicent knew the man next door very well and had been in the man’s house. The Mercer family are completely unprepared as the police start a murder investigation interviewing all the Mercer family.
I am confident that any reader or any one in the media will really enjoy this wonderfully adventure.

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  1. benmcpherson permalink

    Thank you so much for what you say – it means a lot to me that you liked the book.

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