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January 17, 2015



They told her she killed her son. She served her time. But what if they lied?

I have no memory of what happened but I was told I killed my son. And you believe what your loved ones, your doctor and the police tell you, don’t you?

My name is Emma Cartwright. Three years ago I was Susan Webster, and I murdered my twelve-week-old son Dylan. I was sent to Oakdale Psychiatric Institute for my crime, and four weeks ago I was released early on parole with a new identity, address and a chance to rebuild my tattered life.

This morning, I received an envelope addressed to Susan Webster, Inside was a photograph of a toddler called Dylan. Now I am questioning everything I believe because if I have no memory of the event, how can I truly believe he’s dead? If there was the smallest chance your son was alive, what would you do to get him back?

A compulsive, thought-provoking and thrilling novel from a fantastic new talent.  

published April 2015

My review

I wanted to read ‘How I Lost You’ by Jenny Blackhurst as I love reading
psychological crime novels. Jenny Blackhurst is a fantastic new talent. I will most certainly be looking out for her next novel.
I am sure lots of crime readers are going to want to read and review ‘How I lost You’ by Jenny Blackhurst.
The story holds many twist and turns. I am sure that many readers will enjoy
reading this novel as much as I have.
The police the doctor, and the court told Susan Webster that she had killed her twelve-week-old son Dylan by smothering her baby son with a cushion. But what if they lied? It appears that Susan has no memory of committing this awful crime killing her own precious baby son. The court found Susan Webster guilty and she was sent to Oakdale Psychiatric Institute for her crime. When Susan is released early on parole with a new identity and address she has the chance to rebuild her tattered life. No one will know her real name or where she lives. But one morning she finds an envelope address to Susan Webster inside
was a photograph of a little four-year-old boy called Dylan. As Susan has no memory of killing her son how can she really believe he is dead.
The twist in this brilliant psychological crime novel I did not see coming.
I am looking out for Jenny Blackhurst books in future she really does tip the scales keeping readers glued to the very last page. I am certain that readers will really enjoy this novel.



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