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January 16, 2015



A blur in the sky, a brick no, trainer, red falls to the water. There seems to be a scuffle a hand grabbing at the dangling child.

Then, with the awfulness of inevitability, the hanging child drops, gravity takes him.

A child is killed after falling from the Humber Bridge. Despite fleeing the scene, two young brothers are found guilty and sent to prison. Upon their release they are granted one privilege only, their anonymity.

Probation officer Cate Austin is responsible for Humber Boy B’s reintegration into society. But the general public’s anger is steadily growing, and those around her are wondering if the secret of his identity is one he actually deserves to keep.

Cate’s loyalty is challenged when she begins to discover the truth of the crime. She must ask herself if a child is capable of premeditated murder. Or is there a greater evil at play?

Ruth Dugdall’s novels are intelligent and gripping, with a sophisticated psychological sensibility. She is a huge talent.

Ruth Dugdall is an award winning British crime writer whose novel The Woman Before Me won the CWA Debut Dagger Award and the 2009 Luke Bitmead Bursary.

Her second novel Sacrificial Man was published in 2011. Ruth worked as a Probation Officer for almost a decade in high security prison in Suffolk, including work with children who have been convicted of murder. Ruth’s writing  is heavily influenced by her professional background, providing authenticity and credibility to the crime genre. She currently lives in Luxembourg and volunteers at a local prison.

Reason Humber Boy B will be a best seller

Hotly-anticipated psychological crime novel from one the UK’s premier writers.

The Woman Before Me has sold over 45k copies in print and ebook in the UK.

Translation deals for previous novels in Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Croatia, India, Canada and Thailand.

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