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November 17, 2014



Sometimes the harder you look, the less you find.

They were colour-supplement darlings of the 1980s

Patrick, the sexy, ferocious young playwright, scourge of an enthralled establishment, and Sara, who abandoned her two children to fulfil her destiny as Patrick’s beautiful, devoted wife and muse.

Thirty-five years later, Sara’s death leaves Patrick alone in their crumbling house in Cornwall, with his whisky, his writer’s block and his undimmed rage against the world. But bereavement is no respecter of life’s estrangements, and Sara’s children, Louise and Nigel, are now adults with memories,  questions and agendas of their own. What was their mother really like? Why did she leave them? What has she left them? And how can Patrick without the love of his life?

Getting Colder is a perceptive, witty and moving novel about love and its attendant casualties. The story will send shivers down your spine and will leave you haunted long after you have read the final page. It is without question a terrific debut, full of energy and colour, as propulsive as a thriller.


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