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October 9, 2014



Lou Bertignac has an IQ of 160 and a good friend in class rebel Lucas.At home her father puts on a brave face on things but cries in secret in the bathroom, while her mother rarely speaks and hardly ever leaves the house. To escape this desolate world, Lou goes to see the big emotions in the smiles and tears of arrival and departure. But there she also sees the homeless, meets a girl called No, only a few years older than herself, and decides to make homelessness the topic of her class presentation. Bit by bit, Lou and No become friends until, the project over, No disappears. Heartbroken, Lou asks her parents the unaskable question and her parents say yes, No can come to live with them. So Lou goes down into the underworld, of Paris’s street people to bring her friend up to the light of a home and family life, she thinks.
My Review
I thought the story was so unusual about a homeless person. But after all it is a true fact there are lots of homeless living on the streets. I often feel so sorry for the homeless out on the streets. My grandson at 5 years old gave an homeless man some money. My daughter and I was invited to London to meet a boy band and watch them filming, after we went shopping in London with the boy band where one of the members from the boy band see an homeless man and gave him notes. I thought that was very kind of him. While I was in Hollywood I was taken back at seeing homeless out there shouting have you got a quarter for a coffee?. It is very sad to see homeless people any where.

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