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September 13, 2014



Alone and afraid whatever happens… don’t look back


It should have been a holiday of a life time a chance for Eva Hardaway to rediscover herself following the break up of her marriage. But then catches a glimpse of someone she should never have seen.


She was not the first, but the woman who first laid eyes on the mysterious stranger has disappeared without trace. And soon Eva’s travelling companions start to follow.


The a storm cuts off their remote jungle camp from the outside world and Eva knows that if she is ever going to see her young son again, she will be forced to find reserves of courage and resourcefulness she never dreamt she possessed or die trying.

My review

What should of been the perfect pick me up holiday soon turns into a nightmare. There clearly are some secrets hidden in their jungle that can’t be allowed out of their jungle.

As Eva arrives for her adventure in the jungle, she starts to unpack her suitcase.  As Eva is unpacking she starts to discover some items that have been left from the previous lady Theresa Hamilton who had the room before. Eva finds a high speed digital camera with night vision that Theresa Hamilton had left behind. It seemed to Eva that Theresa Hamilton must of left in some sort of hurry leaving items behind. Eva starts clicking through the camera as she is rather curious to find what photos are on the camera and sees a bearded man stepping into view between tree trunks. This is a man Eva should never of seen.

What I liked about this story was not just the that it was a mystery of a thriller but how Gregg Hurwitz has captured the view of the scenery of the jungle and with the creepy insects and wild animals.


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