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June 27, 2014

9780751554243What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor

Published by sphere on 31st July 2014

As Milo shifted his head and focused in on the images through the small O of his vision, he felt kind of lucky that he didn’t have to see it all. At least he only got a bit of the grey sky and the grey leafless trees. People who saw everything at once must feel drowned by the world. All Milo had to do was to move his head and focus on something else and pretend the bad bit weren’t there.

Nine-year old Milo Moon has Retinitis Pigmentosa, his eyes are slowly failing and he will eventually go blind. With no peripheral vision, he sees the world through a pinhole. His senses are heightened, his focus greater.. he sees things others don’t.

When 92-year-old Lou, Milo’s confidante and beloved gran, leaves the family home and moves into the award – winning Forget Me Not Nursing Home, Milo is told it is for the best. But Milo begins to notice that things are not quite as they appeared in the glossy brochure,  and the care and attention Lou is there to receive is not forthcoming. Behind the scenes, standards slip, costs are cut and the tyrannical Nurse Thornhill  instills fear into her staff and patients. No one has had the courage to stand up, or speak out, until now…

With the help of his pet pig, Hamlet, and Tripi, a Syrian refugee  who works in the kitchens, Milo sets out on a mission to expose the sinister Thornhill and fulfil his promise to bring his gran home for Christmas.

Set in a run-down, commuter-belt town, HAT MILO SAW is a powerfully written and incredibly moving tale of hope in the face of loss and the lengths a child will go to in order to protect those he loves, It explores the themes of love and courage, the modern family, the treatment of elderly in modern society and the precious roles our elders play in our lives.



 This beautiful novel captured my attention because it brought my memories of how I loved my Nan very much. She would sit and crochet me dolls clothes galore, she even took me to a toy shop to buy a Sheena doll.


Another reason that I liked this story is the very heart of this moving tale is about a Nursing home. I used to work in a lovely, friendly care home, until the owner sold it. I used to make time to sit and talk to all the old people in the home.


This very unique story line where nine-year-old Milo Moon has been told he is suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa where his eyes are slowly failing and that he will eventually go blind.
Milo who loves his gran living at home with them becomes very upset as his mother wants gran to live in a care home. Once gran is put into the award-winning Forget Me Not Nursing home, through the eyes of Milo this is not a kind honest Nursing home. Milo has a plan to get his gran out of Forget Me Not and home again by Christmas.
Milo sees things at the Nursing home inviting readers to spin pages after pages. The story is such spectacular stuff it is impossible to resist falling in love young Milo and his gran.
The author Virginia Macgregor has written a spectacular story one that I remember for a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed this plot and I was sorry to finish.

This is a wonderful novel. I really do recommend it. 






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  1. Thank you for this lovely review – it means so much to me that you fell in love with Milo and his gran and that the novel moved you. Happy reading. Virginia x

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