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June 25, 2014


Anna is five. Her little brother, Stick, is three. They are camping with their parents in Algonquin Park, in three thousand square miles of wildness. It’s the perfect family trip. But then Anna awakes in the night to the sound of something moving in the shadows. Her father is terrified.

Their mother is screaming. Then silence.

Alone in the woods, it is Anna who has to look after Stick, battling hunger and the elements to stay alive.


In the early 1990s Claire Cameron worked as a councillor at summer camp in Algonquin Park in Canada.  This story is inspired by a particular bear attack that occurred there in October 1991. It is based on her memories and research of the event.

I love it when an-author writes a novel about something that has really happened, and put the story of that event into an enjoyable word craft novel.

What I like about the way Claire Cameron has written The Bear is that she has created a five-year old girl Anna to narrate the story and her three-year old brother Stick who tells the tragedy of this story, in which changes and damages their lives forever.



While Anna and Stick are sleeping in their tent in Algonquin Park, her mother is outside cooking.  Anna then hears her father shouting and her mother screaming then it all went silent. Shadows cast over Anna’s tent making Anna tremble with fear as she can not see what the shadow is, to Anna it looks like a big Black Dog. Anna’s father grabs Anna and Stick and takes them to a hiding place saying he will be back for them. But he never returns. As time presses on both are feeling very hungry and thirsty and decide to go and look for mummy. Anna finds her mummy but she is hurt by the bear. Anna is told by her mummy to get in the canoe and sail away back home and that mummy and daddy will follow soon.

tentfeaturedMY THOUGHTS

Claire Cameron has written this frightening story so well that you feel that you are all alone in the park too, feeling very alone and very frightened. We know that it is nature for some animal to attack humans, but every time we read a story or hear on the news that a human has been attacked by some sort of animal we feel deep sympathy and heart-broken for that person and their family.

Everyone that reads The Bear will recognize the frightening, harrowing experience that these two young children suffered. I was overcome by sympathy for the aftermath of their heart breaking journey, knowing that in the long-term they both of their lives would be damaged forever. It is heart breaking knowing that Anna and Stick will be effected by the tragic event of their camping trip, one that they both will never forget for the rest of their lives and live with many nightmares.

One word of warning this story messed with my mind and gave me nightmares!

This is story is a must read it is a very touching novel full of adventure told from a child’s – eye point – of – view, this is an unforgettable novel of suspense and survival that confronts our deepest fears about the wildness.

I hope that many readers enjoy reading The Bear as much as I have.

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