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June 5, 2014


Little Egypt was a once a well-to-do country house in the north of England. Now it’s derelict and trapped on a small island of land between a railway, a dual carriageway and a superstore, and although it looks deserted it isn’t. Nonagenarian twins, Isis and Osiris, still live in the home they were born in, and from which in the 1920s their obsessive Egyptologist parents left them to search for the fabled tomb of Herihor – a search from which they never returned. Isis and Osiris have stayed in the house, guarding a terrible secret, for all their long lives until chance meeting between Isis and young American anarchist Spike,  sparks an unlikely friendship and proves a catalyst for change.

 My review

Lesley Glaister is the author of eleven previous novels and returns with a darkly humorous tale looping from the present day back to England and Egypt. I wanted to read Little Egypt as I have Nina Todd Has Gone  by Lesley.

Lesley Glaister has the gift of putting her finger on things we most fear. Her novels always appear to be as effortless for her to write as they are for us to read.

Published by Salt Publishing in paperback 30th March 2014.


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