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Covet Tracey Garvis Graves

May 30, 2014

9781405911870Covert by Tracey Garvis Graves

The New York Times best-selling author of On The Island

Claire Canton is at a crossroads in her marriage. Her husband Chris has recently taken some knocks from life, pushing him to retreat to a dark place where no one can reach him, not even Claire. She feels alone and with nowhere to turn…

Then Claire is pulled over by police officer Daniel Rush, a man with a tragic past. And a random encounter blossoms into a friendship, which brings much-needed light into both lives.

As their relationship intensifies it’s not long before Claire and Daniel are in way over their heads and skating close to a line that Claire has sworn she’ll never cross…

But is it too late to go back? And does she even want to?

My Review

Very beautifully written and desperately romantic. A real wow read. I love the cover!.

If anyone has any family drama book ideas that I could read please leave a comment.

Covet is my first book that I have read by Tracey Garvis Graves.

I actually stumbled on a review by someone about this book Covet. Which made me want to read it.
I did not know that it was mainly about families in a marriage. The story was right up my street because I just love reading fiction stories about family life.
It all happens in Rockland Hills. Claire Canton a graphic designer is happy married to her business marketing husband Chris.
Claire gets pulled over by a dashing good-looking policeman and gets let off by him. Then Claire found herself that she could not stop thinking about the policeman, she knew she should not feel like this as she is a very happy married woman.
Chris her husband looses his job and shuts him self off from the family.
Claire and Chris are close friends with their neighbours Elisa and her husband Skip, Bridget and her husband Sam, and Julia and Justin.
But do her neighbours all lead a happy marriage?.
Covet is published by Penguin.



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