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May 21, 2014


Long-listed for the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction 2014

One of BBC Culture Show’s Best New British Novelists

Pearl can be very, very good. More often she is very, very bad. But she’s just a child, a mystery to all know her, a little girl who has her own secret reasons for escaping to the nearby woods. What might those reasons be? And how can she feel so at home in the dark, sinister, sensual woods, a wonder of secrets and mystery?

Told in vignettes across Pearl’s childhood years, Reasons She Goes To the Woods is a nervy and lyrical novel about a girl growing up  who is trying to be normal, even though she doesn’t  know quite what normal is.

In acerbic style, Deborah Kay Davies confronts readers with the more side of girlhood pushing our fingers into the wet earth of the riverbed, and showing us sharp bones of a growing body and the spilt of playground meanness.

Deborah Kay Davies has a short story collection Grace, Tamar and Laszlo the Beautiful.

Her debut novel, True Things About Me, came out in 2010.

My review

I wanted to read Reasons She Goes To the Woods as I have read and enjoyed True Things About Me.


Reasons She Goes To the Woods is about a naughty little girl named Pearl.
The things does to her baby brother will make you cringe and feel totally sorry for her baby brother having a sister like Pearl.
Pearl bosses her friends about being very cruel to them and making them do things that are totally gross.
As you read on you are willing the characters to say no to Pearl and to say no I am not doing that.
But no one will stand up to her and her friends just seem to do exactly whatever Pearl says.
Pearl’s mother is a strange mother and pearl does not seem to like her own mother, but she adores her father.
 I totally loved this novel by Deborah Kay Davies. I loved all the charaters and the whole story.
I cannot wait for Deborah’s next novel.



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