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May 3, 2014




An apparently happy marriage.

A beautiful son. A lovely home.

So what makes Emily  Coleman get up one morning and walk right out of her life? How will she survive? And what is the date that looms, threatening to force her to confront her past?

No-one has ever guessed her secret.

Will you?.

A genius tale with a twist. A smartly written thriller.

I  personally think the cover design is very dull uninviting and not exciting enough to draw attention to this thriller.

ONE STEP TOO FAR  paperback was published 24th April 2014 by Penguin.  I received an advance reading copy on the 2nd May 2014.

About the author

Tina Seskis studied business at the university  of Bath before working for over twenty years in marketing and advertising. She now lives in North London with her husband and son.

My review


One Step Too Far is stunningly brilliant, with very clever twists. I really enjoyed the character Emily Coleman although she had done a bad thing that is what made her really interesting to read. I found that Emily just seemed really to bounce of the pages.
Emily Coleman has a happy marriage for five years and a beautiful son with a lovely home. So what makes Emily Coleman wake up one morning and decide to walk out and leave her husband and son behind.
No-one knows why and no-one knows her secret.
 In July 2010 Emily leaves her home on a train to London. Once Emily arrives at Euston train station she takes off her wedding ring and leaves it there. In London no-one will know her story she is now anonymous.
This is where she leaves her old life to begin a new one. Emily knows she must not think of all of the people that she left behind. Emily has created a new name for herself she is now Catherine Brown.
The lie she will tell everyone is that she has just split up from her boyfriend and felt like she needed a change.
Emily’s new life as Catherine in London means she will have to get a job to survive. Emily has thought all this through she has invented a new CV with her new name, new address,new mobile number and a new Hotmail address. To add to lies she goes one step too far and puts two references from two big firms in Manchester where she has never worked.
I highly recommend One Step to Far to all readers that like reading stories with the full ingredients of twists.



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  1. So glad you enjoyed this one, I thought it was a clever story too.

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