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May 2, 2014




Published in paperback by Arrow on 22nd May

I think she is great. Original

This has a sparkle, a lightness of touch and a deep, true charm. It is written from the heart.

Whether you’re single or married you’ll find this captivating.

An engaging read with humour and a dash of Greek sunshine. Great fun.

Two couples, one honeymoon destination, and enough secrets to end both marriages..

How can one honeymoon cause so much trouble?

Much as Emma loves Tom, she would never have got married if he hadn’t insisted. But with Tom sick for the whole week and the kids at home with mum, shouldn’t she at least take advantage of the entertainment?

Winston married Melissa after a three-month whirlwind romance. As a breakfast TV fitness star, he’s anxious to keep things private. But the arrival of Melissa’s two bolshy teenagers soon puts paid to that.

Rosie arrived at the Villa Rosa homeless and pregnant when she was just seventeen. Now, all these years later, she’s the co-owner. When Winston arrives, she’s shocked and scared. He might not remember her, but she has never forgotten him..

By the end of the week, none of their lives will be the same.

But how will they cope after the honeymoon is over?

True history of honeymoons

True honeymoon stories

10 things you may not be expecting on your honeymoon

Why I decided not to have a honey moon the second time around

Should you ring your mother on your honeymoon? And other Do’s and Don’ts

A tale of three honeymoons; grandmother, mother and daughter

Top 10 tips for marrying  a bachelor

Top 10 tips for marrying a northerner

And more………

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Janey Fraser has been a journalist for over 25 years and contributes regularly to national newspapers and magazines as well as appearing on television and radio. She will be guest-editing the June issue of Mslexia magazine. She has also published books under the pen name Sophie King.

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My Review After The Honeymoon

This is one of the best books that I have read about relationships this year. So much happens it will take your breath away even on a very sunny day. I loved each of all of the characters they all delivered such pure excitement. The story revolves around three couples on a honeymoon to a Greek island. This is where the complications of the bond of marriage start on their honeymoon that should be one of the happiest times for couples to spend  alone. Emma Walker and Tom have two children and now plan to get married. Emma is a dinner lady and can not afford a honeymoon as they are so expensive. Stunned Emma eyes sparkled as she is given a lovely surprise by her friends they have paid for her and Tom one week at the Villa Rose in a private cottage in Siphalonia in Greece. Winston is a famous TV work out guide with his own slot every morning marries Melissa a divorced mother of two teenagers. Winston’s personally assistant Poppy assured him that privacy was top priority with his wedding and honeymoon in Siphalonia on the Greek island. Rosie who was pregnant and homeless when she arrived in Siphalonia sixteen years ago. Now Rosie is the owner of the Villa Rose and her son Jack helps runs theirVilla Rose for the guests serving them Breakfast and Dinner. The pool is sparkling, the   temperature is rising. The story that is unfolding just gets better and better. The author has added gorgeous descriptions of the Greek location, that makes you feel you want to pack your suitcase. So much happens in After The Honeymoon I strongly recommend this novel to all women married or not. I hope that all readers will enjoy reading Janey’s new novel as much as I have.


9780099558187Praise for The Au Pair

A hilarious romp about the perils of inviting

Mother’s little helpers into the chaos of domestic life.

A sweetly humorous book, it will have you giggling one moment and near to tears the next. Perfect with a glass of wine . A must read for anyone who has small children.

Hugely enjoyable.



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