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April 26, 2014





Reckless, Beautiful and born survivor


Lesley Pearse  returns with Survivor, the stunning third instalment in the Belle series. 1938 Marriette Carrera is a defiant and strong-willed eighteen-year-old.  Her dotting parents, Belle and Etienne, fear for her reputation in their small gossipy New Zealand hometown. So with the world on the brink of war, Mari leaves home on the SS Rimutaka, bound for London. Armed with the freedom She’s longed for since childhood, Mari quickly falls for Morgan, the handsome cockney steward on board ship. But once she reaches London, there are other temptations. Mari loves her new life, sophisticated friends and adoring aunt and uncle. Court up in a whirl of dances and parties in the glittering West End and earning her own money as a typist, finally she feels she is mistress of her own future. Until it is snatched away by the war. As London endures the blitz,  Mari’s new life is  blown apart. Forced from her loving new home, she ends up alone in the East End, worlds away from the glamorous London she knows. But there, amidst the destruction and despair, she finds the chance to make a difference. The only way that Mari can survive this war is to fight,  with all the strength, selflessness and compassion with in her and only then will she find true happiness. Because Mari is a survivor.

Lesley Pearse  Acknowledgements Lesley spent so much time in a little museum in Russell in the Bay Islands pouring over old photographs and scraps of information to learn what life was like back in the 1930s and 1940s. If any facts are wrong, please forgive me. About Lesley Pearse As a child she was told that she had too much imagination for own good. [ Well look at Lesley Pearse now] When she grew up she worked her way through  a number of jobs, including  nanny, bunny girl, dressmaker and full-time mother, before at the age of forty-nine, settling upon a career that would allow her gifts to blossom she became  a published writer. Lesley now lives  just outside Bristol. She has three daughters and three grandchildren.

Survivor is published by Michael Joseph Penguin books.


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Survivor is another great book by Lesley Pearse. Over all Lesley Pearse’s has had published a staggering 22 novels including Survivor.. I have read some of Lesley Pearse’s books before which lead me to read Survivor. with Lesley’s brilliant imagination she gives us readers such great enjoyment reading any novel she writes. I am looking forward to the next novel that Lesley will publish. For any reader out there who has not read a book by Lesley Pearse I strongly recommend reading any of her books from the 22 books she has published. If any one can not think of what to buy someone for a gift a Lesley Pearse book would be treasured by someone.
Survivor is heart-stopping set in 1938 a small town Russell in New Zealand. Young Mariette Carrera lives with her mother Belle, father Etienne and her two brothers and her aunt Mog.
When Belle her mother was young she witnessed some thing really horrible and was forced into a life that was unacceptable for a young girl of her age. Belle keeps her past her hidden secret from her young daughter Mari.
Her father Etienne has the love for the sea and boats which Mari adores her father and is following in her father’s foot steps with loving the sea and boats.
Aunt Mog is fabulously very cleaver at dressmaking which Mari inherits dressmaking skills from her aunt.
Mari can be naughty, disobeying, devious, rebellious and very opinionated. Mari falls in love with Sam who has come to Russell to minor repairs on cargo ships. Sam is very Vile to Mari and soon the town of Russell are talking about young Mari.
Mari parents think it may be best if she leaves Russell. Mari set on board a ship and leaves Russell to stay with her God parents in London just as the news is spreading that there could be war in London. Readers should be embracing themselves as there is more to Survivor than you can ever expect. I hope that many readers will enjoy reading Survivor as much as I have.



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