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April 20, 2014






As darkness falls on the M25, the flow of traffic comes to a hault. Time passes. More time passes.  Then more. Drivers switch of their engines, then get out of their cars. And so the story begins…

In this bold, state-of-the-nation novel,Jake Wallis Simons brings together characters from all walks of life and explores what happens when lives collide on the M25.

published by polygon.

My review

This is without question the most engaging British novel that I have read. I would like to thank Jake Wallis Simons for delivering such a wonderful knockout unusual unputdownable novel. The adventure is so completely different from any other fiction novel that I have ever read. Lets face it we have all been in traffic jams at some point in our lives. I could not bare to think if we had to stop over night in our cars until the traffic jam eased. Jam flings into a traffic jam on the M25 with everyone coming to a grisly halt. Travelers turn off their engines. people get out of their cars from of all shapes, sizes and colours. Tensions start to fill the agitated drivers. No one can see what is happening why they have come to a stand still. People come up with all different sorts of statements. No one knows the truth. As time passes by hours by hours the pressure is mounting with couples and friends in their cars. More bickering developes as travelers are getting hungry and thirsty. With a waitrose delivery van in the traffic jam everyone zooms in on him in hope of food and something to eat. Everyone in the traffic jam on the M25 has been somewhere and on their way home without any supplies of food and water. But the last thing anyone thinks of is that you could be stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway. I highly recommend the book Jam it is faultless from the very first page. Jam is available to buy from April 3rd 2014 and readers can buy this book from Polygon or Amazon. I hope that you all enjoy Jam by Jake Wallis Simons as much as I have.
Jake Wallis Simons is a Sunday Telegraph features writer and columnist. He is the author of three novels including the award winning The English German Girl [2011]. He lives in London.

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  1. I do want to read this one!

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