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April 18, 2014








As the court inquest into the death of Benjamin Blaine continues his son Adam struggles to suture the deep wounds – both within his family and himself – torn open by the suspicious and much – publicised tragedy. With suspicion still rife that Adam’s father was murdered by of his kin Adam finds his sternest test to be his proximity to Carla Pacelli – his late father’s mistress. Although pivotal to his family’s plight Adam finds himself increasingly drawn to the beautiful and mysterious Carla. The closer he gets to her the further Adam feels from his troubles, and the nearer he comes to revealing the secrets he’s strived so hard to conceal. Is Adam risking condemning the people he’s fought so hard to protect.

Richard North Patterson is New York  Times Best selling author. His novels have been adapted for television and into feature films.

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Published by Quercus 6th March 2014

My review

Forgive me please! I do not know where I been but I have only just recently come across New York Times best-selling author Richard North Patterson. Well better late than never as the saying goes. I am incredibly stunned at the twenty-one books that Richard has written. Eden In Winter is Richard’s twenty-second novel. With my love of books just like some of my blog followers, I am always shopping and researching for new authors or authors like Richard that I have not heard of before. Richard North Patterson Eden In Winter is a fast-paced court room thriller. Threshing insights into the Blaine family with lavishing high drama. The Blaine family Benjamin Blaine, his wife Clarice,Adam and Teddy live in Martha’s Vineyard in a rambling white house that was once owned by Clarice parents. Drama unfolds as Benjamin a womanizer has his mistress Carla Pacelli an actress living in the Martha’s Vineyard guesthouse behind the Blaines family house.  Carla career collapsed through alcohol and drugs and she is now trying to build a foundation for a new and different life. The plot hots up Clara is expecting Ben’s baby. Ben knows he is going to die and decides to change his will. The worst nightmare  is uncovered Ben falls from the cliff at the Martha’s Vineyard or was it murder?. With a high-profile death the media pressure from a reporter working for theNational Enqurier is on the Blaine families tail wanting statements and sets to question the mistress Carla. It seems that the reporter from the Enquirer gleefully knows something. Adam who works in Afghanistan is home to all to this horror of his father’s death and gives his family each an alibi to keep to when they go to Dukes Country courthouse. I was glued to Eden In Winter  all day Good Friday reading it in my pyjamas. Sensational story highly recommend. I hope many readers enjoy reading Eden In Winter by Richard North Patterson as much as I have.


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