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April 17, 2014




9781846689659 You can’t choose your family, but they can make choices for you. Huge, life-altering choices. As a child, Rosemary never stopped talking, so why, now she’s a young woman at college, doesn’t she talk very much at all?. She used to have a sister, Fern, the same age as her, and an older brother, Lowell.  She loved both fiercely but they have vanished from her life, for reasons she can’t face, and no one could guess. She may be quite in person but on paper she’s still as exuberant as she was in childhood. So here is Rosemary’s story, utterlycaptivating , it’s funny, clever and swirls with ideas that will come back and bite you.

published by serpentstail

Full credit to Karen Fowler writing a story that is so different that the plot stands out. I have never read a story like this before. I became attached to Rosemary telling the story.Rosemary retells the story through from the age of being five up to the present day. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves is in a way packed with facts and fiction. Wild, and destructive Rosemary as a child never stopped talking and now as a woman at college Rosemary does not talk that much at all. A campus policeman arrives at lunch time to Rosemary and her psycho friend arresting them of smashing glasses and throwing chairs during their lunch break. . It appears that Rosemary has been through quite some upset throughout her life her sister Fern and her brother Lowell both vanished from her life Through the emotional journey that Rosemary has experienced this clearly is a pin point that has triggered off some wild behaviour. We Are Completely Beside Ourselves explores the different levels of stories of families who have had chimpanzees. Some very small  parts of this story is sad about the research projects that Chimpanzees are put through. At the back of the book there are references for books for further reading on chimps/apes and wesites to to explore. This story certainly has its originality. I think all people who love all kinds of animals will love this story. It is a very educational read. I have one more job to do and that is to thank the author Karen Joy Fowler for a wonderful story.




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  1. This sounds like an original book. A great review that has me intrigued to find out more although it also sounds that the information about the chimps would be quite upsetting.

    • very small ref’s really in story about research projects on chimps. At back of book there is further reading and web sites to visit about chimps with human contact etc.

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