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April 9, 2014



Hauled  in a cart to a field hospital in northern France in March 1916, an American woman wakes from unconsciousness to the smell of gas and gangrene, the sounds of men in pain, and an almost complete loss of memory she knows only that she can drive an ambulance, she can draw, and her name is Stella Bain. A stateless woman in a lawless country, Stella embarks on a journey to reconstruct her life. Suffering an agonising and inexplicable array of symptoms, she finds her way to London. There, Dr August Bridge, a cranial surgeon turned psychologist, is drawn to tracking her amnesia to its source. What brutality was she fleeing when she left the tranquil seclusion of a New England college campus to serve on the front, for what crime did she need to atone – and whom did she leave behind?. Vivid, intense and gripping, packed with secrets and revelations, The Lives Of Stella Bain is once a ravishing love story and an intense psychological mystery.

Anita Shreve is the acclaimed author of seventeen novels.


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published by little Brown

My review

I admire Anita Shreve writing so much that I have read quite a few of her novels. I have read The Pilot’s Wife, Body Surfing, Testimony, Wedding In December.  I find The Lives Of Stella Bain completely different to Anita’s other novels.  I was absolutely drawn in. I  just could not put this book  down.  I can honestly say Anita Shreve has written another excellent novel. The Lives Of Stella Bain is an epic story set against the backdrop of World War 1, a story searching for the secret of her identity. The story countdown is set in Marine, March 1915 a woman lays injured with her feet hurting in a field hospital in northern France. The woman lays there with one of the most biggest challenges of her life she can not remember her name she has memory loss. Letters appear in her brain and she decides upon the name Stella although she has no idea where that name has come from. Stella only knows that she is american who works in the Voluntary Aid Detachment and drives an ambulance. In October stella decides that she must find the Admiralty and take her chance to go to England. Stella Bain packs her British uniform, her sketches, and her money. While Stella is in london she begins to draw again. Dr Bridge a cranial surgeon turned psychologist tries to help Stella through her sketches help her reconstruct her past. I highly recommend The Lives Of Stella Bain a love story that is intense gripping and packed with secrets. I am sure that book clubs would find this a very interesting book to read and discuss. I am now going give The Lives Of Stella Bain to my mum to read as I know she will not be able to put this novel down either. I hope that many readers out there will enjoy reading Anita Shreve’s new novel as much as I have.

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