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April 6, 2014



When they saw me,  men and women alike recoiled, but their fear quickly gave way to fury. Addison Goodheart lives in solitude beneath the city, an exile from a society which will destroy him if he is ever seen. Books are his refuge and his escape.  By night he leaves his hidden chambers and,  through a network of storm drains and service tunnels. makes his way into the central library. And that is where he meets Gwyneth, who, like Addison, hides her true appearance and struggles to trust anyone. Something more than chance and nothing less than destiny has brought them together in a world whose hour of reckoning is fast approaching.

My review

I have never had the pleasure before to read a novel by Dean Koontz. I was totally thrilled how Dean projects the consequences that his characters are peddled through. It is so easy to deeply become attached to the two main different characters. I really felt sorry for Addison Goodheart he lived in an isolation bubble with no friends. His father died and although his mother who liked to drink heavily he loved her very much. But one day the most harrowing thing happened in Addison’s life his mother packed him some food in his backpack and gave him some money that she had stolen and sent her son away. With nowhere to go Addison takes refuge deep in the New York underground. As Addison has a high passion for books by night he comes out and masters a way through the underground into the library where he read books. While Addison in the library he realizes he is not alone a goth-girl with grotesque make-up has found her way into the library at night too. Addison and Gwyneth seem to have some things in common and the two engage in a friendship. I totally recommend.The Innocence as it is highly addictive and a very smart buy. I hope that may readers will enjoy reading The Innocence by Dean Koontz as much as I have.

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