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April 6, 2014


9781780722078The Enlightenment of Nina Findlay by Andrea Gillies.

Nina Findlay, alluring accomplished, deluded, always the heroine of her own life, has found an irresistible safety in being adored by two men, brothers she’s known since childhood. But when her sister-in-law becomes gravely ill, the triangle that Nina depended on becomes catastrophically unstable.

The life she’s known begins rapidly to unravel, and odd things begins to happen which those around her insist are all in her mind. Separated from her husband,  she goes on holiday to a tiny Greek island, the honeymoon of the island of 25 years earlier,  and is involved in a serious road accident.  There while recuperating, she becomes close to the doctor,  who’s also on the point of divorce. A new relationship seems possible but what’s real in the situation, and what’s imagined?

Pressed on both sides by other people’s truths,  how can Nina be sure of identifying her own?. A diary that was her mother’s proves to be a turning point.Perhaps romantic is always a kind of undiagnosed madness. Face to face  with the facts behind her assumptions, the time has come for Nina to unravel the taut knot of her past.

My review

Another expertly written story. I read The White Lie that I enjoyed so much that try to keep a watch out for Andrea Gillies novels. I personally found it so very hard to close this new novel from Andrea Gillies. It seems that in The Enlightenment that Andrea has been even more dedicated to all the characters you can really relate to them all. All the scenery is so well described you can see the vision of all the places which is an added bonus to the story. Andrea has adapted a very good opening page that puts tears in your eyes. Nina is in on holiday in a tiny Greek Island where she had gone to 25 years earlier on her honeymoon. While Nina is taking in the views and taking photographs she is involved in a disastrous accident. A driver Andros is peering through his windscreen driving his minibus round the sharpest bend on the stony dirt road. The minibus was coming right at Nina. Questions were being asked Why he driving without lights? and was he driving too fast?.Nina is taken to hospital with her leg was snapped jagged between her ankle and her knee. Nina is glad that she has an English-speaking doctor to explain what has happened to her and what the doctor has had to do to her leg..Nina wanted a divorced, but her ex husbands brother who had loved her and whom she had loved. The Enlightenment of Nina Findlay is action packed with sharing Nina Findlay experiences. Andrea Gilllies is an author to keep a watch out for her next novel.




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  1. Thank you for this great review. I really loved The Lie and I hadn’t realised that Andrea Gillies had published another book, this one is another for my TBR…

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