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March 30, 2014


Love knows no limits

Somersetshire, 1868 Marine leads a lonely existence in a seaside village famed for its sea-cures. Visitors flock from London every summer, but the ladies in their fancy clothes are like foreign creatures to Marnie.  When she meets Noah she can see a future for herself for the first time. A future where she is no longer  an outcast, a future of love and happiness. But Noah doesn’t  share Marine’s vision.  he thinks they’re simply having fun.  Marnie has to make him understand that they are meant to be together,  she has to make him see the truth… no matter what it takes. Published by Hot key books

My review

I have never read anything quite like this before. This story rippled my interest because it was such a unsual story. I must say The Madness  is literally unputdownable.  Alison Rattle fabulous descriptions of Marine’s frock and Noah’s silk white stockings were an added bonus of detail. Alison has painted such a convincing picture of  the sea and the shabby little house that Marnie  lives in to the very grand manor that Noah stays in. It shines bright and clear that Alison Rattle is a perfectionist for detail. The story is set in Somersetshire, 1868 in a seaside village that is framed for its  sea cures. Marnie’s ma  is a dipper who dipped Marnie from such a young age to help her crippled daughter that has polio that now she swims the sea like a mermaid. Rich ladies from all over London pay Marnie’s ma good money to be dipped believing that they will be cured. A very rich Lady de Clevedon  and her son Noah arrive  to Somersetshire and stay in a beautiful grand manor. Lady de Clevedon pays good money to be dipped by Marnie’s Ma in hope that she will be cured. Marnie and Noah strike up a friendship with Marnie thinking that her life will change now she has met Noah. As the story adapts it shapes into so much more that it would be a shame to reveal all. This is a story that  holds a flow of sorrowfulness, but a joy to read.  I hope many readers will take the opportunity to read The Madness. I do hope that all readers will enjoy reading this delightful story as much as I have.


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