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March 25, 2014


Roberta likes to collect the letters and postcards she finds in a second-hand books. When her father gives her some of her grandmother’s belongings, she finds a baffling letter from the grandfather she never knew dated after he supposedly died in the war.

Dorothy is unhappily married to Albert, who is away at war. When an aeroplane crashes in the field behind her house she meets Squadron Leader Jan Pietrykowski, and as their bond deepens she dares to hope she might find happiness. But fate has other plans for them both, and soon she is hiding a secret so momentous that its shock waves will touch her granddaughter many years later.

My review

You know the old saying never judge a book by its cover. How true this old saying is. However this story is about books. Mrs Sinclair’s suitcase is a superb mothers day gift. I would urge readers and book clubs to order this wonderful breathtaking novel.I loved this story from page one and found myself not being able to close it to put it down. The story is full of wonderful interesting characters from all different back grounds. Two stories feature in this impressive novel Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase .Dorothy Sinclair is married to Albert but she had found life after he abandoned her for over a year to go into the army without even writing to his wife. This makes Dorothy feel that she is only his wife by name only. While Albert is in the army Dorothy sees a stricken hurricane that lurched towards her and her house. The hurricane crashes and Dorothy marches towards it. Jan Pietrykowski a Polish squadron leader in the Air Force makes a visit to Dorothy’s home to thank her for helping the pilot. A relationship sparkles through letters while Jan Pietrykowski is sent away to fly everyday to fight the Germans. The other credible twist from the other part of Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase is that while Roberta has the love for books she boosts herself a job in the Old and New Bookshop. Philip the boss of the Old and New Book shop gains himself two more assistants one is the beautiful Jenna and the other assistant is Sophie. Jenna shares a very big secret with Roberta and Roberta is devoted to help Jenna as much as she can. While Roberta is sorting through a pile of books that her father brought into The Old and New book shop that belonged to Roberta’s grandmother she finds some letters to Dorothy from Jan Pietrykowski. and a suitcase.A lot of things happen as the story unfolds. Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase centres around family secrets, soul mates and missed opportunities. I hope that many readers will read Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase and enjoy it as much as I have.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase. This book had all the ingredients for what I love in a book, history, books and likeable characters although I did question Roberta’s constant feeling ‘old’ when she wasn’t… little niggle aside it was one of those books that tied up really well! Great review 🙂

    • Thank you for comment.I am glad you have reaad Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase too. Its great we like the same books.

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