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March 24, 2014





Sent abroad to Egypt in 1922 to recover from the typhoid that killed her mother, eleven-year-old Lucy is caught up in the intrigue and excitement that surrounds the obsessive hunt for the Tutankhamun’s tomb. As she struggles to comprehend an adult world in which those closest her are often cold and unpredictable.  Lucy longs for a friend she can love.  When she meets Frances, the daughter of an American archaeologist, her life is transformed. As the two girls spy on the grown ups and try to understand the truth behind their evasions, a life long  bond is formed.

Haunted by the ghosts of her past, the mistakes she made and the secrets she kept, Lucy disinters her past, trying to make sense  of what happened all those years ago in Cairo and the valley of the  Kings.  And for the first time in her life, she comes to terms with what happened after Egypt, when Frances needed Lucy most.

Under the tablecloth, France’s hand reached for mine and clasped it. I knew what it meant, that clasp and the mischievous grateful glance that accompanied it, it meant I was thanked, that there were secrets here. I could accept that. I too had secrets- who doesn’t?.


My review

The Visitors by Sally Beauman is a true masterpiece. What I liked about the book was how it is beautifully designed with a map at the front of the book and at the back of the book with a plan of Tutankhamun’s tomb and the valley of the kings. Sally has a list on of all the characters and all the places at the beginning to help readers know who is who… This corker of a novel with a fabulous 526 pages takes us on a breath-taking journey into The Visitors. Miss Mackenzie who had been a nurse in the war is Lucy’s guardian. In 1922 Miss Mackenzie, takes Lucy to Egypt with plans to take Lucy to see the pyramids, one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world.Lucy is warned that the pyramid stones are notorious and she will have to be aware of scorpions at all times. While eleven year old Lucy is in Egypt she is caught in the excitement that surrounds the obsessive hunt for Tutankhamun’s tomb. Miss Mack and Lucy are staying at the Shepheard’s Hotel when Lucy is feeling faint and has to sit down on the stone steps. Miss Mack is rather concerned as Lucy is looking exhausted and very washed out and pale.When Luy’s mother died of typhoid that killed her mother it was expected that Lucy would share her fate. As each layer of the chapters unfolds the story of The Visitors takes readers through love,regret and secrets.  I have read by Sally Beauman Lovers and Liars which I highly recommend to readers as much as I recommend sweeping up this dazzling story The Visitors. I do hope that many readers will enjoy The Visitors as much as I have.

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