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March 12, 2014



Published by W& N on Thursday 13th March 2014.

A powerful and haunting beautiful novel.

Even monsters need peace. Even monsters need a person who truly wants to listen – to hear- so that some day we might find the words that are more than boxes. Then may be we can stop men like me from happening…

Set in death row on high security prison, this is a stunningly beautiful novel. The prisoner sits in his cell, escaping from the harsh reality of prison life through the words he dreams about, the world he conjures up using the power of language. The reality of his world is brutal and dark.

Our narrator is not named, nor do we know his crime. But he listens. He listens to the story of York, the prisoner in the cell next to him who has been sentenced to death. He hears The Lady, a mitigation specialist who is piecing together York’s past. He watches as The Lady falls in love with The Priest and wonders if love is still possible in this place. He sees the corruption and the danger as the tensions in the prison build. And he waits. For even monsters have a story…

The Enchanted wrapped up in its beautiful and terrible fingers around me from the first page and refuses to let go after the last. A wonderous book that finds transcendence in the most unlikely places, enshrouding horrible things in a gossamer veil of fantasy with a truly unforgettable narrator. So dark yet so exquisite.

My review

Rene Denfeld has been working as a death penalty investigator for several years. She loves her job spending time with her clients on death row, creating a safe place for them to share their deepest secrets. The Enchanted is an exceedingly touching read that will have you in tears at time. I was so very impressed from page one with the chilling tight action packed story that I wanted to explore more of moving story of The Enchanted. The story is narrated by York who is on an operation of a conveyor belt to death row. The date has been set for August 6th. The Lady as we only know her, for eight years she has been the death penalty investigator. It is her the job to find out about Yorks past and represent him to try to save his life but she is now struggling against time. While The Lady is trying to save York, he tells The Lady that he is adamant that he wants to die. In the story we establish the horrific dark dungeon underground where prisoners are locked in wooden cages with heavy ball chains attached to their ankles. With no doubt about this The Enchanted is a novel for everyone to explore. I hope that many readers will enjoy this beautiful story as much as I have.

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