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February 5, 2014


On a personal level I believe that we should have TV book show. On a forward way of thinking a Tv book show would help talented authors like Jane Lythell generate more book sales.
I agree we have book web sites where readers can look up for books of their choice but readers like to watch and listen to their favourite authors.
Reading The Lie Of You is like being a witness wondering what is going to happen next in this brilliant psychological thriller. The story takes place in a publishing office for an architectural magazine. There is a perfect storm brewing between the main characters Heja and Kathy. Both of the characters wanted the world to see things through their eyes. I was totally swept away irresistibly to the very end.
I can not wait for Jane Lythell to publish another novel. I would like to wish Jane Lythell all the very best with this novel. I am sure it will hold every readers full attention. I hope that many readers will share the great experience reading The Lie Of You I Will Have What Is Mine which is filled with obsession jealousy and lying to the one you love.
To the outside world, Kathy is the very picture of a happy and fulfilled modern woman. She has a beautiful baby boy,  a clever handsome husband and a glamorous, high-powered job.
But not everybody is fooled. Her employee, Heja, knows the truth the cracks in Kathy’s marriage, her self-doubt, her fear of failure at work. Heja is perfectly placed to destroy Kathy’s life. And if she succeeds,she can claim the one thing she wants most….
Kathy thinks she has everything the job, the baby, and him. But she does not have my will. She has no hidden places.

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One Comment
  1. Thank you for this generous review Suzanne. I’m so glad my novel gripped you. I tried to stay true to each character’s story and point of view. .

    I am grateful to book bloggers for taking the time to write reviews. You do us authors a great service.

    I agree a TV book show would be great. Richard and Judy used to fly the flag for books on TV didn’t they?

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