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The Darling Girls by Emma Burstall

February 4, 2014


Leo Bruck, the world-famous conductor, has died of a heart attack. On the cold morning of his funeral three very different women, each in love with him, meet for the first time.

Victoria, his wife of twenty years in all but name, is trying to keep it together for her children, Maddy, long-time mistress and mother of Leo’s daughter, Phoebe, finds her carefully constructed world rocked to the core by his death, Cat is shattered with grief for first great love, a man she barely had the chance to know.

To Leo, they were his darling girls. Three very different women, who for years have avoided each other, pretending they were the only one. Now they are inextricably bound in a moving story of love, loss and the prevailing power of female friendship.

Lorraine Kelly has said What a terrific read. I loved this honest, absorbing story. I couldn’t put it down. Every word rang true and I really cared the characters. A complete gem of a book. I totally agree with Lorraine.

My review

First of all I love Head of Zenus books. I have read many, recommending all of these that I have read. What Have I done by Amanda Prowse is about a wife Katherine who kills her husband then serves a prison sentence. What Have I done is a deeply emotional story.

I have also read Clovers Child about Dot who meets Sol which is set in 1961 when East End girls did not date west Indian boys. This is modern love story.

Head of Zenus have a new release The Lie Of You by Jane Lythell which I can promise all thriller fans that you will not be able to put this thriller novel down. The Lie Of You is about a wife Kathy who is stalked by her husbands ex girlfriend. Very chilling.

.The Darling Girls by Emma Burstall published by Head of Zenus is about Leo Bruck a world-famous conductor dies suddenly from a heart attack. Victoria his wife of twenty years all but in the name, with two children meet up with two of Leo’s other women in his life at his funeral. Each of the three women in Leo’s life were so very different in every way. Leo called each one of the three women his darling girls., but each one thought they were the only one that Leo called his darling girl. Twist and turns about Leo’s past take us through this terrific story.
The Darling Girls is a story of love, loss, and friendship.
I hope that many readers will enjoy reading The Darling Girls as much as I have.

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