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December 2, 2013


Courtney’s boyfriend has just gone down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She couldn’t be happier. And with her super organised sister, Norah, to help plan her wedding, what could possible go wrong.?

Nothing until Courtney decides their other sister Raine, should be invited. No one has seen or heard from Raine for six years since she ruined Norah’s own wedding and ran off with the love of Courtney’s life.

Convinced they should all be able to move on after so much time, Courtney gets the sisters back together again only to find that family ghost aren’t easily vanquished and neither are first loves. Reuniting her family is going to make Courtney reconsider every decision she has made for the last six years right down to the man she is about to marry.

It is going to be one long summer.

My review.

For me it does not matter what novel Megan Crane write’s I just love all of them. I find her novels so easy to get in to and full of drama. Names My Sister Calls Me is about Courtney who boyfriend goes on one knee on the ice with a romantic proposal. Nora, Courtney’s sister starts making Courtney and Lucas wedding plans, which drives Courtney insane. Courtney tells Norah that she wants their other sister Raine to come to her wedding. Norah is furious with Courtney that she want Raine to her wedding as Raine walked out of Norah’s wedding with a guy. Norah thinks that Raine is a selfish drama queen. Norah claims that she will tell Lucas about Courtney having a crush on her older sisters best friend, pointing out that it’s either Norah or Raine at Courtney’s wedding. Phew! so much happens it is a page turner. I really do recommend Names My Sister Calls Me. I hope that many readers will put their feet up and enjoy this novel as much as I have.


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