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December 1, 2013


You think you’re the perfect couple. And then the unthinkable happens.

Kit and Alice are enjoying a luxurious weekend abroad when their car spins off a mountain road and into a desert valley. Their lives are changed in an instant.

In the aftermath of the accident, their faith in each other is shattered. suddenly it is as if they hardly know each other at all.

My review

The Trouble With Alice is a love story told backwards a touching, surprising novel about two people who have to fall apart in order to learn how to love.The Trouble With Alice is a unpredictable novel which holds a story about two people from two different back grounds. The story starts off with bang as Kit and pregnant Alice are on holiday in Jordan and end up in a tragedy car crash. Through the yellow air the car fell, and then out of the sunlight and into the shade of a mountain. With a flash and a bang it hit the ground and careered the rest of the way down the stony hill landing on its roof changing their lives in an instant. The story weaves between the past and the present. Very sadly Alice has a miscarriage which appears to put tension and strain on Kit and Alice relationship. The once perfect couple seem to have to fall apart in order to learn how to love. The Trouble With Alice holds a novel about the nature of real love. Credit to Olivia Glazebrook as this is Olivia’s very first novel.


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