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November 24, 2013


Harry has always envied his younger brother George a high-flying TV executive with two kids, a beautiful home ans a covetable wife, but Harry also knows that  george is a dangerous man with a murderous temper. When an adulterous kiss at thanksgiving prompt a chain of events george loses control and the result is  an act so shocking that the brothers are hurled into entirely  new lives ones in which they both seek absolution.

My review

A.M.Homes is the author of two collection of short stories and she is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and also writes frequently on arts and culture for numerous magazines and newspapers. A.M HOMES lives in New York. I was total hooked from page one reading May We Be Forgiven. I now want to read and review more of her books. The story is full of buzz, With how a violent husband can destroy the whole family. Two brothers Harry who has wife Claire always envied his brother George a high-flying TV executive with two kids and wife Jane. George is a dangerous man with a murderous temper.Married Harry is reckless sleeping with George’s wife. George crashed his car killing people. The police tell Harry your brother your brother has no injuries but he needs to see a doctor. George lashes out at his wife throwing a lamp at her head which after brain surgery Jane is attached to a mechanical ventilator. Harry is left to tell George’s two kids that their father hit their mother with a lamp and is most likely to die. More problems are in store for Harry. This story holds it all it is heartbreaking and reckless love affair. I look forward to A. M. Homes next novel. Highly recommend and May We Be Forgiven and is at an affordable price. I actually think this would make a good film.

paperback pages 480.


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