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November 11, 2013


Its’s more than twenty years since Sarah Ribbons last set foot inside her old high school reunion, Sarah has to face up to the truth of what really happened back in the summer of 1986.

In this carefully observed and powerful novel Isabel Ashdown explores the treachery of adolescent friendships and traces across the decades the repercussions of a dangerous relationship.

Isabel Ashdown’s depiction of a vulnerable teenager and the magnetic pull of a toxic friendship will have you wincing with recognition.

My review

Hurry Up And Wait should be made into a short film. I could not put this novel by Isabel Ashdown down. Every character is so believable you are just drawn in. Isabel Ashdown is a very clever author setting the scenes from the present day back to the past. This engaging story certainly took me back to my teenage years.Isabel Ashdown’s storytelling skills I highly recommend to readers.
The story mainly involves the main character Sarah whose mother died and she lives with her father. Hurry Up And Wait takes readers through Sarah’s friendship at school how one minute you are the best of friends and falling out the next minute. How Sarah is love with her boyfriend who has an enormous house and how Sarah works at a pharmacy to earn some money.
I can really assure readers that lots of things happen in Hurry Up And Wait. This novel honestly is a very good book and one not to be missed.I hope that readers will enjoy reading Hurry Up And Wait as much as I have.
Isabel first book Glasshopper was a real success by being winner of the Mail on Sunday novel competion. Hurry Up And Wait is Isabel Ashdown’s second novel. With Summer Of 76 Isabel’s third novel, which I must read.


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  1. Great review – I haven’t read this one although I’ve been meaning to for ages….

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