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November 4, 2013



Bestselling author of Thursdays in the park.

Can a second chance at love ever end happily?.

For eight year Flora’s love affair with Fin was a whirlwind of fun and spontaneity but when Flora wanted to settle down and have children Fin vanished.

Life moved on and Flora’s world filled with other people, other cares. There were benefits to being single no socks under the bed, no mess in the bathroom even if the memory of Fin could never be completely erased.

But then suddenly, shockingly Fin reappears,. He’s a changed man, he says and he wants Flora back. Is this the chance to put right the wrongs? or a massive mistake?.

Hilary Boyd novels;   Thursdays In The Park and Tangled Lives. When You Walked Back Into My Life is Hilary’s third novel. Hilary Boyd is a former health journalist and published six non fiction books. Hilary lives in London.

My review

Flora has been in a relationship for eight years with Fin and was woken up with a start as her boyfriend Fin had not come home. She automatically tried his mobile phone but got no answer. Flora tried the hospital and went to the police desperately trying find him. As time went by with no Fin appearing Flora fell into deep depression.

Flora’s sister Prue and her husband lived in a big posh big house which had the basement turned into a flat for Flora to live in. By day Flora worked as a kind-hearted private nurse, looking after an old woman Dorothea.

As Prue never liked Fin she enthusiastically had men lined up for Flora to meet which caused Flora cringing embarrassment.

While Flora is shopping in a London supermarket she bumps into Fin. Fin begs Flora to meet him so he can talk to her. Flora wants to know why he had left her without even saying he was leaving. Fin explains Flora wanted a baby and he was not ready for that, but now he wants Flora back because he loved her. Fin wants nothing more than Flora to forgive him for leaving her. But can Flora risk loving Fin again?. As the old saying is leopards don’t change their spots.

I totally loved reading this novel. What I liked about it was that all ages of characters was brought into this warm well written story, and how Hilary has cleverly put Flora and Fin through a journey that just draws readers in.

I Hope many readers will enjoy reading When You Walked Back Into My Life as much as I have. I do highly recommend readers to read Hilary Boyd novels. A great christmas present to put on your list of books.
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Paperback pages 424.
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