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October 30, 2013

9780751545685Never Knowing by Chevy Stephens


From the bestselling author of still missing.

At thirty four Sara Gallagher is finally happy with her life, but there is one big question that’s still haunts her who are her birth parents?.

Finally ready to hear the truth, Sara discovers that some questions are better left unanswered her biological father is an infamous serial killer a wanted man who has been slaying women every summer for over thirty years. And now he knows he has a daughter.

Sara soon realises that the only thing worse than finding out your real father is a killer is him finding out about you.

Sara’s phone call from her father


Hi, Sara, How are you? He sounded excited and eager.

Why do you keep calling me?.My body begins to vibrate and I sat down at the kitchen table.

Because I’m your dad. I have to talk to you whenever I have the urge. It’s the only way I may be able to stop.

What… What will you stop?.

Hurting people.

I sucked in my breath as my thoughts scattered.

He said, I have to go now, We’ll talk more next time. Keep your phone with you. If you don’t answer then I’ll have to do something else.

What do you mean?.

I’ll have to find someone

No, No don’t do that I’ll keep my phone on.

I’m not bad Sara You’ll see.

My review about Never Knowing

mesmerizing utterly absorbing Engrossing and terrifying.

I read Still Missing and totally loved it so I decided to read Never Knowing. For me Chevy Stephens knows how deliver a tense nail-biting good thriller. Never knowing is such a fast paced story you will be turning the pages all night. I found the story line ticked all the right boxes this is why I gave Never Knowing 5 stars on amazon..

Sara Gallagher knew she was adopted. Now as a mother herself she decides to find her birth mother. As questions keep popping in Sarah head why did her mother give her away?
Sara finds her birth mother but is turned away by her. Why has Sara’s mother turned her away?

Sara hires a P.I to track down her real mothers name and discovers that her mother was raped by a campsite killer. The year her mother was raped Sara works out that  was when her mother must have got pregnant with Sara by the campsite killer and this would be Sara’s father.

Soon Sara is tracked down by her campsite killer father. Tension builds up with great twist and turns throughout this gripping story. It is a story you wont forgot for a long time.

I highly recommend Never Knowing to all fans who have the love of thriller stories

paperback 482 pages.

Love Suzanne xx


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  1. This sounds like my kind of book and has gone on my TBR – thanks for sharing

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