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October 4, 2013

978184668793895TH BOOK REVIEW.

Wicked witch of the East, the tabloids called her. Bloody weirdo the local said. They always known she was a wrong un.

Corinne Woodrow was fifteen when she was convicted of murdering one of her classmates on a summer’s evening in 1984, in the isolated seaside town of Enermouth. Twenty years  later, new D.N.A. evidence suggests Corinne didn’t act alone, and when cold case expert Sam Ward is called in to investigate he discovers the dark secrets of a community that has always looked after its own.

My review on Amazon, Good reads and Waterstones.

With all the hype revolving around Weirdo, I just could not wait to read it

I so much admire how Cathi has written this psychological thriller. The suspense building up drip feeds you bit by bit it just draws you in.  The story has a wonderful range of different characters that clearly mess with your mind. Be sure that Weirdo will stay with you long after you have finished reading weirdo.
I certainly recommend weirdo to all readers that like a psychological thriller. It is superbly interwoven with the past 1984 and the present time in 2003.

Twenty years ago in an isolated seaside town of  Ernemouth Corinne Woodrow a fifteen year old- young school girlwas convicted of murdering one of her classmates. Corinne was sent to  a mental unit. The newspapers called her Wicked witch of the east. The local people called her a weirdo and said they had always known she was a wrong un,
 In 2003 private investigator Sean Ward is sent to Ernemouth to investigate Corinne Woodrow’s murder charge. As now fresh new D.N.A evidence shows up that someone else was involved that are not known to the police.
Retired DCI Len Rivett who was in charge of Corinne’s case twenty years ago helps Sean Ward find out who that someone else could be that helped Corinne that summer’s evening in1984. Black magic, witches, Goths weirdos and bikers are all here in the story of Weirdo just waiting to be read and enjoyed.


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