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August 28, 2013



It is something of a family tradition for the McBride family to gather for bonfire Night at Far Barn in Devon. To repopulate the rambling old house, and fill it again with the babble of voices, slamming of doors and smell of cooking.Each year held its own memories, as the family extended with marriage and babies. But this year there is a mixture of grief and tension within the walls. Lydia the matriarch, has died, leaving her husband, Rowan, devastated but stoical. His children arrive in Devon with their own problems too. Sophie, his eldest daughter, is desperately trying to repair a crumbling marriage, and Felix, the youngest of the family, has brought a girlfriend for the first time.

The newcomer, Kerry, brings with her sense of unease and alters the natural balance of the family in a way nobody can quite put their finger on. But on Bonfire Night itself, when Sophie leaves Kerry looking after her baby, the edgy calm soon turns to something much more frightening and the past comes blasting back to explode the present.

Twisting, gripping and dark secrets. A master class suspense psychological thriller.


I have never read any of Erin Kelly’s previous novels. The Burning Air is my first novel that I have read. I now have another favourite author to watch out for. Erin Kelly has delivered a chilling psychological thriller with The Burning Air.
I can see why her first novel The Poison Tree was selected for Richard and Judy’s summer book club in 2011.
In The Burning Air
The McBride family always gather for bonfire night. But this year is the saddest Lydia the mother has died, leaving her husband Rowan devastated. The family arrive in Devon where Felix has brought his new beautiful girl friend Kerry with him. Sophie is not quite sure about Felix’s girlfriend Kerry. Sophie ask how well do you know Kerry?. But even though Sophie feels edgy about Kerry she leaves her baby with Kerry to look after while Sophie goes out on Bonfire night with her family. What can possibly happen?.
The Burning Air is full of tension and holds so many secrets, so much revenge.

I hope all readers enjoy reading The Burning Air as much as I have.

My review is on Amazon, Waterstones and Good reads.

Visit Erin’s website or follow her on twitter @mserinkelly

Erin’s first novel The poison Tree was selected for Richard and Judy’s summer book club 2011.

Burning Air published 29th August 2013

paperback pages 355

Published by hodder


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  1. I loved Erin Kelly’s first two books, this is on the list for my holiday – thanks for the review

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