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August 26, 2013


From the heathered fells and lowlands of Cumbria to the speed and heat of a London summer, to an eerily still lake in the Finnish wildness Sarah Hall evokes landscape with extraordinary precision and grace. Her characters, whether a frustrated house wife seeking an exhilarating encounter or a young woman contemplating the death of her lover,experience dark devices and desires the human body providing a sensuous frame for each unfolding drama.

Sarah has written seven short novels . Sarah Hall has written this superbly with well constructing adding in the landscape to tell readers which location the character are in.  Each story hold its own age gender, place, themes and styles.   In each story women will have a problem with their relationship in a different way just like some real women do. Every short story is told by a woman’s point of view which I quite liked. In each of the stories lurks an unsettling scene that’s darkly and erotic. It’s amazing  Sarah Hall has given each women character a distinctively strong talking voice. This is one the best luscious short story collections that I have read. As Sarah Hall has lots of admiring fans for The Beautiful Indifference who knows one day if Sarah Hall will perhaps turn one the short stories in The Beautiful Indifference to a big novel.

Sarah Hall was born in Cumbria in 1974. She is the author of four novels.

The Beautiful Indifference is a work of fiction. Characters, events and place names are products of the author’s imagination, or if real, are not portrayed with geographical and historical accuracy.

Paperback 187


published by Faber

Happy reading to all



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