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August 20, 2013




Katherine Brooker lives in a nice house. Her husband is handsome, charming headmaster at a prestigious prep school. Her children are already teenagers and she can scarcely believe it. By day she bakes cakes for son’s cricket matches and cleans the house. By night her husband allocates points for her behaviour and punishes her accordingly. For her children’s sake she never makes a sound. Tonight, Katherine reaches her limit and wants her life back. She kills her husband, silently and calmly. She serves a sentence in prison, a place where she is free to dress and eat and read in peace. Tomorrow she will begin to rebuild her life, become the person she meant to be, regain her relationship with her children and fight to help others.

From a storyteller of powerful talent, What Have I done? is the moving tale of one woman rising from the ashes and taking back her life.

I give a very strong praise to Amanda Prowse for writing this sensitive story. What have I done is very deeply emotional. Amanda Prowse has told this disturbing story with precision and care.

Paperback pages 323

ISBN 9781781852149

Published 1st  July 2013

Published by  Head of Zenus

I hope you all enjoy what ever you are reading today.



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