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August 9, 2013


Lonely widower Jason Getty has unbearable secret, he killed a man he wish he never met, and buried him in his own backyard. After a year of self torment, Jason is ready to move on. He begins by tidying up his messy front lawn. But when the gardeners dig up two bodies Jason knew nothing about, a man and a woman everything changes yet again. As he tries to divert the investigation police detectives relentless attention from the third body he hopes they will never discover. Jason becomes entangled in a darkly comic race against both and his own conscience.

Three graves full is something special – an offbeat, high class, pace mystery that blends humour with dark lyricism, and deft, intricate plotting with dead on – psychological insight.

My review

There is very little peace for a man with a body buried in his backyard.

Detective Bayard  and his partner Lyle square off the concrete walk to Jason Getty’s front lawn to start the investigation for the bodies buried in Jason Getty garden.

Reid Reynolds vanished thirteen days before he was due to get married. Cold feet made it such easy work of a missing person’s investigation. The investigation flowered into false leads. No one said it for days but everyone knew that Reid Reynolds was dead.

Paper back pages 331

PUBLISHED 10th October 2013

published by one

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