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August 8, 2013


Through the eyes of five different charters, the story unravels.

Mathilde Oliver, the OCD daughter of Cambridge don is attempting to trace the writer of a series of letters. Letters that are addressed to Katja, a student at Corpus Christi who doesn’t seem to exist.

DI Chole Frohmann and her partner DCI Morris Keene are trying to put a name to the body that has surfaced in the fens.

Grace Rhys has dropped out of her studies and marking time working as a nanny at Deeping House, an imposing manor that is home to three families, another nanny and a young writer.

The nameless body, where they begin to unravel a web of passions and secrets, of long-buried crimes and fresh horrors.

A masterful whodunit.

My review

This story is set in the beautiful Cambridge. The police Di Chole  Frohmann and her partner DCI Morris Keene have a new task ahead of them .As a body of a young teenage girl is discovered in the water that is connected to the river Nene near Peterborough. The police question the motive. How did she drown? did she fall in alive and drown? or was she murdered and her corpse dumped into the water? or was the young girl put into a dry ditch that later got dislodged by the flood?. The police had no idea who this young girl was or how long she had been in the water. It could have been less than a year or more than a month.

This story just gets better adding a few more characters with little twist. This is a fascinating psychological thriller.

Emily Winslow has also wrote The Whole World.

Paper back pages of story 317

Published 24th June 2013

Thank you for reading my review.

I hope you all enjoy what ever book you are reading.




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