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July 28, 2013


As a teenager, Rachel lived through the death of a friend discovered  even the most enchanted of lives can be easily shattered.

When tragedy strikes her own life as an adult, and she loses her unborn child, Rachel ought to turn to her husband for support. But in trying to protect one another, she and Andrew end up further apart than ever Rachel finds herself resentful and lonely.

Haunted by the past, she contacts the brother of her old friend and the two of them are drawn into a dangerous and destructive affair. But betrayal  comes at a high price, and having lost one child, how can she-bear to face losing another?.


In Rachel’s teenage years her best friend Leanne lived opposite her in a big house.  Leanne takes Rachel to a rich teenager’s party and introduces Rachel to Vanessa Reiber and Leanne’s brother Simon. Rachel feels left out a lot as she is not invited to all their parties or to their homes or to any gatherings after school. Rachel just see’s herself as on the edge of their group just a hanger-on. Rachel was really a friend of Vanessa’s by association by Leanne. Vanessa Reiber dies at the age of sixteen. Rachel wanted to go to the funeral but Mrs Reiber didn’t invite Rachel.

Rachel as an adult is shattered when she lost her baby when she was seven month pregnant. Rachel has never got over Vanessa’s death all though Rachel and Vanessa were not close friends, it appears deep down Rachel wanted to be like Vanessa and she wanted to be one of Vanessa’s best friends, and to be part of the crowd with being invited to everything. Now with Rachel losing her baby daughter it too much for Rachel to come to terms with. Andrew, Rachel’s husband does not ever talk to Rachel about the death of their unborn baby daughter

When Rachel’s son Jonathan start’s private school and he starts to go round his friend’s house their houses are big compared to Jonathan’s. Rachel knowing full well what it was like in her teenage years wanting to be part of her friends rich life style so she tries to get Jono to fit in with his rich friends life style.

Rachel is invited to one of  Jono’s rich friends party,  but once again Rachel feels left out with the snobbery of the women she talks to at the party with them all talking about their big houses and careers.

While Rachel is in a cafe she hears a name she knows a  worker from the cafe says the name Mrs Reiber has left her credit card. Rachel follows Mrs Reiber to her house as she knows that this is Mrs Reiber the mother of Vanessa who died. Mrs Reiber does not acknowledge she had a daughter Vanessa but does tell Rachel she does have a son Simon.

Rachel contacts Simon and embarks on an affair with him. Simon is happily married and has three kids. Rachel becomes pregnant , Once Simon hears that Rachel is pregnant by him he ends their affair and Rachel destroys her marriage.

This is a gripping new psychological drama. Dark and unsettling, but compulsive.

Paperback page 342

published 5th January 2012

Published by panmacmillian

Enjoy reading!



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