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July 21, 2013



When Cal weaver’s tops at a red light while driving home  on a rainy night he ignores the bedraggled teenage girl trying to hitch a lift,. Even when she starts tapping on his window. But when she says hey aren’t you Scott’s dad? and realizes that she is one of Scott’s classmates he can’t really ignore her. Ok so giving a teenage girl a lift may not be the smartest move, but how much harm can it do?.

Over the next 24 hours Cal is about to find out. When the girl Claire asks to stop at a restroom on the way home, he’s happy to oblige, but the girl who gets back in the car seems strangely nervous, and it’s only when they nearer their destination that Cal realizes she no longer has the nasty cut that he noticed  on Claire’s hand. After he’s finally let her out of his car he remains puzzled. But its only the next morning that he starts to really worry. That’s when the police cruiser turns up at his door and asks him if he gave a girl a lift the previous night. A girl who has now been found brutally murdered.

If Cal is going to claire his name he’s going to have to figure at what Claire was really up to and what part he played in her deception. But doing so will involve him in some of the small town of Griffon’s most carefully kept secrets and a conspiracy as bizarre as it is deadly.

My review

Claire Saunders a teenage girl is soaking wet from the rain is trying to hitch a lift home out side Patchett’s. Claire starts tapping on Cal Weavers window, but when she says “Hey aren’t you Scott’s dad?. Cal Weaver realizes she is one of his son’s class mates and he can’t really ignore her.  As Cal Weaver is a private investigator he knows giving a teenage girl a lift home may not be one of the smartest moves, but how much harm could it do?


On the way home Claire thinks that someone in a car behind them is following her. Claire asks Mr Weaver to stop at Iggys to use the rest room as she is not feeling well .Mr  Weaver is happy to oblige. When the girl gets back into Mr Weaver’s car she seems strangely nervous. It is only when Cal gets nearer to her destination that Cal realizes she has no longer has the nasty cut that he noticed on Claire’s hand when he picked her up from Patchett. The girl demands to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere.

The next morning In Griffon a police cruiser turns up at his door and question’s Cal to ask him if he gave Claire a lift the previous night  as she is missing. Cal feels responsible for the fact that Claire is now missing and he was the last one to of seen Claire giving her a lift.

As Cal is a private investigator he starts to question Claire’s family and friends.  Cal is starting his own investigation in the small town of Griffon. Cal Weaver comes up with the solution that when he dropped of Claire at Iggy’s to use the rest room that another girl got into his car dressed the same as Claire but wore a wig and was not Claire. The two pulled a fast one to give Claire the slip to get away from someone who she believed was following her. Cal did not know the name of the girl who he gave a lift to thinking it was Claire, so he looked on online and found out it was a young teenage girl Hanna Rodomski. As Cal is searching for Claire Cal finds Hanna Rodomski murdered under a bridge near to the area he let her out of his car.

Claire went out with Roman Ravelson but broke up with him to go out with a Dennis Mullavery who came to Griffon for a summer job doing lawn service. Hanna Rodomaski and her boyfriend Sean Skilling was making money for Roman Ravelson selling beer and liquor to underage kids.

Everyone in Griffon knows that Cal Weaver’s son Scott died from who ever gave him Ecstasy Chief police Augustus Perry is Cal weaver’s brother-in law he got Cal’s car towed away . Seized and searched as he was the last one to be with Claire . Policeman Brindle with the Griffon police thinks Cal got angry with Hanna that she wanted to get out of his car. Brindle thinks Cal just kicked Claire out of his car in the middle of nowhere and he could have murdered her. As Calvin Weaver wants to clear his name he is going to figure out what Claire was really up to. But doing so will involve him in some of the small town of Griffon’s most carefully kept secrets.

Hardback pages 483

published 10th October 2013

Published by Orion.

You can buy this book from

I hope you all enjoy reading this book.

have fun reading in the sunshine.




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