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July 10, 2013










North of Stockholm, behind closed doors of the home for troubled girls, a young girl’s screams echo through the night. One girl is dead. One girl is missing. One woman claims to have witnessed it all.

My review

I won this book from waterstones online. I am aWaterstones card holder. All Waterstones card holders can enter a prize draw to read and review a book. I was a winner for The Fire Witness. This book was a proof copy which had chapters inserted the wrong way. From Chapter 99 went to chapter 103 then to chapter 102 then to chapter 101 then to chapter 100 These chapters inserted in the wrong order also had some of the words missing at the end of sentences.

I loved this nail biting tense thriller. All the chapters are very sweet and short with 2-3 pages.

BRIGITTAGARDEN HVB A HOME FOR YOUTH SPECIAL NEEDS; Some can be violent. The doors have alarms and double locked doors. Some of the girls who stay here are aged 12years old – 17 year old girls. Some are drug addicts, self-injury and eating disorders.


Miranda a young girl at Brigittagarden was sitting in her room on her chair when she was brutally killed by a rock. Miranda’s killer arranged Miranda on her bed with her hands over her face as if she was afraid to see her killer, her elbows placed to protect her chest and her legs are put straight crossed at the ankles. As Miranda lays dead on her bed her pillow only is drenched with blood.

Therapist Daniel Grim who works at the Brittagarden’s home with his wife is called as no one could not find his wife Elisabet Grim who is the night nurse.

Elisabet Grim who was on call that night and is then found beaten to death with a hammer.

That fatal night Vicky Bennet disappeared from the Brittagarden home . She has just runaway.   Evidence points to Vicky Bennet that killed them both. Everyone believes she killed Miranda and Elisabet. But no one believes she is capable physically or mentally of murder.

Detective Inspector Joona Linna with the national police is looking for Vicky Bennet she has kidnapped a little boy and on the run hiding somewhere with him. detective Inspector Joona believes Vicky is the suspect for killing both Miranda and Elisabet. A medium keeps calling the police saying she has been visited by the ghost of Miranda.

Lars Kepler global bestselling who wrote The Hypnotist and The Nightmare they have been number one bestsellers in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Holland and Denmark. The Fire Witness is taking Europe by storm.

Lars Kelper is a pseudonym he lives and writes in Sweden.

The Fire Witness translated from the Swedish by Laura. A. Wideburg.

Hardback pages 497

hardback published 18th July 2013

Published by blue door


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