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July 4, 2013

The Safest Place by Suzanne Bugler

Some dreams will cost you everything.

How cosy I made it sound. How easy Sam and Ella both looked at me for a moment, their faces a mixture of apprehenision and wistfulness. I smiled back at them indulgently, feeling so pleased with my self. Now, I look back and I want to grab my old self by the shoulders and shake hard. I want to slap the smug smile of my face. I wasn’t just complacent. I was blind.

Jane Berry has always dreamed of moving to the country. When she uproots her family and takes them to live in a rural paradise, at first it all seems perfect. She has the house and space she always longed for and is determined to make a better life for herself and her children.

But when her marriage comes under pressure the dream starts to fall apart. A seemingly promising new friendship shows it dark side and Jane finds her life spiralling out of control. Then one night the line is crossed that threatens to ruin her and break apart her family forever.


Every mother wants a really nice house, the perfect husband and the very best school for their children. Don’t they?

Jane Berry dreams of moving from London to a stone house in the country with space, a garden filled with flowers, and fields for the children could roam in. Out in the country they can have a Friday-night to escape from the stress of work and weekends would feel like holidays. Wouldn’t they?. How cosy this sounds!.

Jane is determined to make a better life for herself and her husband David and the children with their new house in the country and their new idyllic life. David could commute from the country every morning catch the 6.15 train to Paddington to get to work and he could catch the 6.20 train from Paddington after a long day at work home to his cosy house in the country. How easy!.

Jane Berry used to work in Soho, in London as a magazine designer in an advertising department, this is where Jane met her husband David, he was a marketing executive in the same company but on a different magazine.

Jane’s children Sam and Ella in their perfect new house in the country attended different schools.  Jane worries about Sam going to a new school as Sam is quiet and shy and finds hard to make friends, while Ella would make friends easy.

Author Suzanne Bugler lives in South West London with her husband and two sons.  Suzanne has written  This Perfect World and The Child Inside. Suzanne has also written two novels for the young adults Staring Up  At The Sun and Meet Me at The Boathouse.

Paperback pages 342

Published 14th March 2013

Published by Panmacmillan

My motto for day: Enjoy the sunshine everyone!.


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