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June 19, 2013


Every family has a secret. Every murder has a motive. Detective Patrick Henderson is no stranger to tragedy. A murder case concerning Fjallback’s dead financial director, Mats Sevrin, is a grim but useful distraction from his recent family misfortunes.

It seems Mats was a man everybody liked yet nobody knew – a man with something to hide.

His high school sweetheart Nathalie, has just returned to the area with her five-year old son could she shed light on who Mats really was?.

However Nathalie has her own secrets. If it is discovered she will lose her only child. As the investigation stalls, the police have many questions. But there is only one that matters.


There are a vast amount of characters in this story. You will need follow the story closely. Once you have mastered all the characters you will see that all come together.

Mats Sverin has scar’s on his face. He tells his friends it happened when his trouser leg got caught in his bicycle wheel. The truth is he was in a very unpleasant incident shortly before he moved from Goteborg to Fjallbacka. When he used to live in Goteborg he told a group of young thugs not to urinate outside his door to his building. Mats was so badly injured that he needed hospital treatment.

Mats Sverin a financial officer has now been found in his new flat shot. He was laying in his flat in the hall on his stomach with a big hole in his head. The Tanum police and technicians now set up an investigation to find out who shot Mats and why? The question is did mats know who was at his flat door? or did the thugs find out where Mats now lives and come and find him?.

This story has lots of twist and turns. Lots happens to all the characters involved in this chilling and thrilling story.

Camilla Lackberg is a worldwide best seller renowned for her brilliant contemporary psychological thrillers. Her novels have sold to 55 countries with translations on to 37 languages. She has sold over 10 million copies to date and was Europe’s ninth best selling author last year.

My motto for the day : How one never tires of anything but a good book!

To find out more about Camilla Lackberg visit:

Paperback pages 497

Published 14th March 2013

Published by Harper collins

Where to buy The Lost Boy. From


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