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June 1, 2013


Polly has been married to Arthur for ten years when she meets James Hammond. He’s her Road Not Taken. The One that Got Away. He’s also rich, and within a week he has invited Polly to his converted monastery in the country to give her the job she’s always wanted. He also wants her.

Her best friend Em says, Go Em’s spent two years with a man who resists commitment like a dog resists a bath. She understands how it feels to be stuck. But she has her own interests in Polly’s husband. Meanwhile, Arthur says, Stay. I can change.

But can he? After ten years, can you learn to love again? And if you can, how do you do you know you would choose the same person?.

My review

Polly meets Arthur Midgley at college, ten years later they arrived with three children. Arthur announced to Polly that he is writing a novel about a sixteen year old reincarnation of king Arthur.

James Hammond was the last boy who Polly dated before Arthur. Polly meets up with James she tells him that she has done a garden design course. James wants a designer for Bodsham Abbey and will pay Polly Eight hundred pounds for her help.

Jealous Arthur likes to call Polly’s ex boyfriend James Hammond The City boy.

Polly’s best friend Em spent two years with a man who resists commitment like a dog a bath. Em decides to go online to join in the massive trend of doing an online course learn love in a week.

Polly, Arthur and Em each have their own very short hilarious paragraph’s. Arthur draw’s funny cartoon pictures of Gustav kilmt the painter writing the words There is only one thing for it complete physical union. The drawing’s are funny and certainly amusing  for readers of chick-lit.

My Motto For Today ;  Make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit back and relax and simply enjoy this wonderful funny read. Be carefully not to spill your tea from laughing!!

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Suzanne xx

Andrew Clover is a writer and comedian best know for his Dad Rules column in the sunday Times which became the hit book, Dad Rules book. He has performed comedy all around the world, has been nominated for The Perrier Award and is a much requested pundit for TV and radio.Learn Love in a Week is his first adult novel.

Paperback 395

Published 9th May 2013

Published by Arrow


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