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May 28, 2013


A fine very original novel.

Tess has never met Leila. But if Tess wants to slip away from the world unnoticed she needs to trust Leila with her life. Leila has agreed to assume Tess identity, so that no one will know she has gone.But first she needs to ask some questions.

In an email dated 27/12/08 William wrote Thank you for running lunch. What did you do to ruin lunch?. And why is he thanking you?.

At various points you claim that you’re nobody till someone loves you by Dinah Washington, Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin and I Want You Back by The Jackson Five are all your favourite song ever which one is it?

In an email to your mother dated 03/06/07 you say she was a terrible mother when you were a child, yet in your psychologist autobiography you say you had a relatively normal Happy childhood. Which was it?.

Your sign offs are inconsistent  even in correspondence with the same person. S you will end with one kiss, sometimes two sometimes many and sometimes none. What are the rules governing your sign offs?

There are no emails or traces of you between February and April 2008.Where were you and what were you doing during that time?.

As Leila is soon to discover, there is much more to a life than the facts, and much more than one side to every story.

My review

Leila mum dies and with some money that it left for her she buys a flat lives in Albion street, Rotherhith  The flat is above an Indian restaurant with the strong smell of onions. The roof top over looks the restaurant’s yard where a rubbish  dump sits and drums of cooking oil.

All Leila’s friend’s constantly upload picture’s and gossip on face book, but to Leila  couldn’t fathom out how everyone mastered it and know what language to use?. Adrian sends Leila an email to ask if she would kill one person to save five others. Leila meets up with Adrian he tells Leila I have a dilemma for you a woman has come to the conclusion she desperately wants to end her life but does not want to upset her family and friends, but she can not achieve this without your help. What would you do? Would you help her? Adrian says women have come to him with an idea to employ someone to pretend they are her online so know one will able to tell she was not alive.

Tess would give Leila all the information she needs to convincingly impersonate her online from password to biographical information. Tess forwards Leila email exchanges, photographs and diary entries. Leila makes a wall chart  with plot events, non personal emails, theatre, cinema tickets and Amazon purchases.

Tess submits on face book a fare well leaving at a pub for all her friends so she can say goodbye to them. Leila tells Tess you need to think your story through where you are going to?. Leila comes up with the idea tell everyone you are going to Sointula.

Can Leila pull this of pretending to be Tess answering all Tess emails on face book, While Tess has gone of to end her life?.

The younger generation of face book users will love this  originality of this story.

paperback pages 288

published 4th July 2013

Where to buy Kiss me first

ISBN 9781447235668

Published by Macmillian.

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