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May 27, 2013


When Paul Casablancas, Claire Dewitt’s musician ex-boyfriend, is found dead in his home in San Francisco’s Mission District, the police are convinced it is a simple robbery. But, as Claire knows, nothing is ever simple with the help of her new assistant Claude, Claire follows the clues, finding possible leads to Paul’s fate in other cases. And as the visions of the past reveal the secrets of the present, Claire begins to understand the words of the enigmatic French detective Jacques Silette. The detectives wont know what he is capable of until he encounters a mystery that pierces his own heart.


Claire Dewitt Reminds Me Of  Miss Marple Solving Crimes.

Claire Dewitt takes Cocaine and thinks legally she can do what she ever she want to as she does not work for the courts.

Claire, Tracey and Kelly are not cops, they are private eyes. They started of by solving cases in their neighbourhood. Their reputation spread and then they started taking on cases around the city. Claire was dating musician Paul Casablancas. Claire and Paul dated for half a year, they had first met at the Hotel Utah in San Fransisco they were there to see the friend’s band. After Claire had been seeing Paul for half a year she went to Peru for a week to work on the Case of the Silver Pearl and stayed another six months. Claire could have phoned Paul or written to him or emailed him but she didn’t. When Claire got back to San Francisco paul was dating someone else Lydia.  Claire and Lydia were best friends when lydia phones Claire to ask if she minds that she is now seeing Paul.

Madeline Hugo from SFPD phones Claire to say sorry there has been a murder Paul  Casablancas. Madeline Huong explains she got Claire’s number on his wife’s phone. Claire arrives at  Paul’s house on Florida Street where Lydia is sitting on the steps outside the house surrounded by police cars. Officers Lou Ramirez and Huong tell Claire that he wife says a bunch of stuff is missing TV, VCR Musical instruments Amplifiers and that Paul’s house keys were missing. No witness, no one heard anything except the neighbour who heard the shot fired. Claire receives a set of keys for Paul’s house. Claire goes in to Paul’s house to look around, she searches and finds a  poker chip but Paul does not play poker. Claire finds credit cards and makes a list of the stolen Guitars. Claire goes through the phone book looking for music stores and pawn shops that the robber may try to sell the stolen guitars to.  Emily Paul’s sister thinks that Lydia killed Paul but Claire didn’t think so. Lydia and Paul both were cheating on each other as Claire finds out.

Claire cares about who killed Paul, she cares about who did the robbery. No case is not solved by Claire Dewitt.  Claire finds out who killed Paul and inform the police.

Claire Dewitt is a detective like no other.

paperback pages 280

published by faber

where to buy Claire Dewitt and The Bohemian Highway.

Find out more about Sara Gran.


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