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April 7, 2013


I absolutely loved reading this. I read it in two days. You will find this a beautiful page turner with short engaging chapters. Crammed with drama passion and trauma. You can feel the atmosphere of blanket of snow. the biting cold the roaring gale force winds. You can hear the crashing of falling wood and roof tops whirling around. The story magnificently weaves between past and present. Jonathan is a school teacher he is accused of hitting Ryan in the class room and is suspended from the school working as a teacher until a full investigation, which the police are involved. More in store for Jonathan as the story adapts. Fiona, Jonathan’s wife is expecting their first child and starts to bleed heavy with being rushed to hospital. Margaret Letitia Harrison known as Maggie through the story finds her self in a psychiatric ward having ECT electric shock where two metal plates with wires are attached to her temples. Maggie also gives birth to twins. more to come for Maggie through out this energised novel. I loved reading Things We Never Said it reminded me of another book that I have read Grace Williams Says It Aloud By Emma Henderson which you can buy on www.

Find Out More About Susan Elliot Wright on

Paperback pages 384

Publisher Simon & Schuster uk


Publishing date 23rd May 2013

where to buy Things We Never Said from ;


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