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When a women’s fertility rights campaigner, Marianne Stine, mysteriously disappears, it hardly reaches the news. Only investigative journalist Viola Voss, harried by the blogger’s mother, shows any interest in finding out what happened to the young woman. Yet years pass and there is no further sign of Marianne. However, on the eve of taking up a prestigious senior post in Norway’s largest newspaper, Voss is once again reminded of Marianne’s disappearance. In fact, Voss is soon presented with a tantalising clue that not only is Marianne alive, she has a healthy young child. Part of Voss’s fascination with Marianne is because they share the same rare genetic condition that would be passed on to their children. Haunted by having lost her own child due to this hereditary disease, Voss determines – against the strong wishes of her own over-powering mother – to put her new job on hold, try to find Marianne, and an explanation. Enlisting the help of an ex-police sergeant, the clues point to a fertility clinic on the outskirts of town. But this is where Voss’s problems begin. The clinic’s claim of a 100% fertility treatment success rate is beguiling and, with her inner world in turmoil, she decides to take a risk that will force her to confront her own fears, deal with her loss and decide between right and wrong.

Gripping psychological suspense. Vlog 165th entry 2.9. 2014 Marianne suffers from mitochondrial disease. A baby could be born with nervous malfunction muscle dystrophy dementia. What makes this story heartbreaking it’s the loneliness moment in one’s life is having so much love to give and then realising that it will never be yours to give. Marianne was a public figure she was a known personality in the blogosphere. Viola worked for one of the biggest newspapers as a Middle East correspondent. Stine’s daughter, Marianne had gone missing and Viola Voss offered to help find her. And why is the police about to blow wide open a fertility clinic ? A Child Made To Order is high up on the drama! 



See You in September Paperback Amazon £7.99

Cassy smiled, blew them a kiss. ‘See you in September,’ she said. It was a throwaway line. Just words uttered casually by a young woman in a hurry. And then she’d gone. It was supposed to be a short trip – a break in New Zealand before her best friend’s wedding. But when Cassy waved goodbye to her parents, they never dreamed that it would be years before they’d see her again. Having broken up with her boyfriend, Cassy accepts an invitation to stay in an idyllic farming collective. Overcome by the peace and beauty of the valley and swept up in the charisma of Justin, the community’s leader, Cassy becomes convinced that she has to stay. As Cassy becomes more and more entrenched in the group’s rituals and beliefs, her frantic parents fight to bring her home – before Justin’s prophesied Last Day can come to pass.


A powerful story of family, faith and finding yourself, See You in September is an unputdownable new novel from this hugely compelling author.Absolutely fantastic! One thing all readers can be certain of is that Charity Norman will come up with fresh exciting stories.I have read THE SON IN LAW and THE NEW WOMAN. In my view See You In September is the best ever novel that Charity Norman has written. I loved every sentence. About the story line. Cassy Howells had been with her boyfriend for two years and has called time on their relationship. Cassy goes travelling and finds herself at a cult religious place. She appears to be have brain washed by them. It now seems that Cassy thinks her parents don’t know her any more and she cancells her flight home. She Now believes that the people at the religious place are good kind people. The cult leader Justin Calvin wants Cassy to stay with them forever. Will Cassy stay forever or will she miss her parents and want to go back home.? So much goes on in this fantastic story. Highly recommended, and don’t miss a page.


Sister, Sister: A Truly Gripping Psychological Thriller Paperback Amazon £4.00  

Clare thinks Alice is a manipulative liar who is trying to steal her life. Alice thinks Clare is jealous of her long-lost return and place in their family. One of them is telling the truth. The other is a maniac. Two sisters. One truth.


I would definitely recommend this if you love psychological thrillers to all crime fans. This is the best book by Sue Fortin that I have read. Two sisters both completely different. Alice is beautiful kind and a manipulative liar. Claire Tennison a solicitor is intelligent, loyal, paranoid and jealous. As a child Alice is taken on holiday by her father to America, but both never come back. Years later Alice makes contact with her family. Claire lives at her mothers house with her two daughters and her husband. When Alice returns home after been missing for years tension builds up between Claire and Alice. When Claire become suspicious of Alice, no one listens to her. I loved the nail biting tension, with two sisters, but only one truth.  


Domina Hardback Amazon £4.99 

Judith Rashleigh has made it. Living in luxury amidst the splendours of Venice, she’s finally enjoying the life she killed for. But someone knows what Judith’s done. Judith can only save herself by finding a priceless painting – unfortunately, one that she’s convinced doesn’t even exist. And she’s not the only one seeking it. This time, Judith isn’t in control. Outflanked and out-thought, outrun and outgunned, she faces an enemy more ruthless and more powerful than she ever imagined. And if she doesn’t win, she dies.


With scandal, intrigue and mystery, this is a book that everyone is talking about. I really liked the mixture of the art world come thriller. Judith boss is involved in a faking scam. As time catches up with Judith Rashleigh she is asked questions. Why did she drown Alvin Spencer? And two years ago in Rome did she kill a man named Cameron? Did she take a painting that the man was selling and sold to another man named Moncada? It appears that Moncada was also murdered in Paris was Judith present? After Judith has been questioned she is taken to a waiting car with a man by the name of Da Silva, he wants Judith do something for him. Will she agree?



Amnesia by Michael Ridpath Paperback Amazon £12.99 

Alastair Cunningham wakes up in hospital with almost total amnesia. But he knows that something terrible happened in his past, something that haunts him still. A young family friend, Clemence is called in to help rekindle his memory. Retreating with Alastair to his remote cottage, Clemence finds a peculiar manuscript hidden away from prying eyes. Reading the prologue, she discovers a murder by someone very much like a young Alastair. The victim? Clemence’s grandmother, Sophie. Could this kindly old man truly be a killer? Clemence becomes determined to find out what happened all those years ago, even if she must risk everything to do so…


Sheila MacInnes is responsible for renting out the cottage to Alastair. She cleaned it for him and visited him most days. It was Sheila who found Alastair at the bottom of the stairs. The hospital said Alastair has retrograde amnesia. He has lost the ability to recall events of the past dating back to his childhood. All the rest of his life erased as if it had never existed. A young family friend Clemence finds out that Alastair Cunningham was writing a novel. It started of with a murder. Could this novel have been the truth or a work of fiction?



He Said/She Said Hardback Amazon £4.99 

In the hushed aftermath of a total eclipse, Laura witnesses a brutal attack. She and her boyfriend Kit call the police, and in that moment, four lives change forever. Fifteen years on, Laura and Kit live in fear. And while Laura knows she was right to speak out, she also knows that you can never see the whole picture: something is always hidden…something she never could have guessed.


kit and Laura are young in love they follow the eclipse around the world together. At an event at the Lizard Point just after an eclipse, Laura found a girl, Beth that had been raped with mud on her and traumatized. A man near Beth walked briskly away into the trees. Laura ordered her boyfriend Kit to go after the man. When Laura is in court retelling her account of what happened to Beth, the court see Laura’s account as a confabulation and told her that she has an over active imagination. Kit has to give his account of what he see. And the man who was seen running away from Beth he is in court too. There is so much that goes on this page turning story, with much more to discovered about Kit, Laura, Beth and the man fleeing away from the scene. I just loved every page and I very highly recommend reading He Said She Said.    



My Sister’s Bones: ‘A Gripping Rollercoaster Ride of a Thriller’ Hardback Amazon £5.00

 Kate Rafter is a high-flying war reporter. She’s the strong one. The one who escaped Herne Bay and their father. Her sister Sally didn’t. Instead, she drinks. But when their mother dies, Kate is forced to return to the old family home. And on her first night she is woken by a terrifying scream. What secret has Kate stumbled upon? And is she strong enough to uncover the truth …and make it out alive?


Kate is a successful journalist in Syria, interviewing people whose houses have been bombed. Kate and Sally used be two little sisters dancing around the living room together. But now they don’t get along with each other.Kate used to be the better sister, the clever one, the braver one. Sally could never live up to her sister Kate. It appears that now they both have problems of their own. Kate is taking handful of sleeping tablets and becoming delirious. She was detained under the Mental Health Act. Sally has become an alcoholic.The question is has Kate really become that delirious and sees things that aren’t there? Or is she really seeing something quite disturbing?



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