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Certain Signs That You are Dead  Torkil Damhaug

Paperback Published by Headline 18th May 2017 Waterstones £8.99

Oslo Crime Files 4 A compelling and cunning thriller that will keep you hooked – Oslo Crime Files 

In Akershus University Hospital, a patient disappears into thin air.That evening, his body is found in a basement box-room, his throat cut. When retired forensic pathologist Jennifer Platerud is called in to examine the dead man, she has no idea of just how closely she is involved in the murder herself.And in the merciless heat of summer, she will be forced to make connections she would have preferred to ignore…
 My father killed three times. The last time I saw it happen. He had sent me on ahead to the shop to buy a newspaper, a loaf of bread and an ice cream. But when I put the money down on the counter, I was told it wasn’t enough, the price of bread had gone up. I ran back to ask my father which should I choose, the bread or the ice cream. Questions like that used to make him laugh out loud. I caught sight of him just inside the park gates. He was standing by the cedar tree and looking around, but he didn’t see mo. He started to walk across the grass. As I set after him I saw that he was carrying a gun. I had played with it several times, he kept it in a drawer in his bedroom. Now he was holding it in his hand, behind his back. The man waiting by the rose bushes noticed me, he recognised me and smiled. I remember that. I had just turned eight. The man was holding paper bag in one hand,  I remember that. It was light brown. The way my father moved his arm as he pointed the gun at him, I remember that.  Not a single sound, apart from maybe a tiny click. But the man is still looking at me as a small flower appears on his forehead. It buds and grows. No one shoots better than my father. I remember thinking and then the man shakes, twists, falls face down into the bush. That’s what I remember most clearly, how the sharp thorns tore open his cheeks. What makes you think of that now? Maybe because I’m sitting looking out of the window, I can see part of the street down there. Children passing by. Roughly about the age I was. From the expert witness notes 1 August 2014.
My review
I thought that this story was frightening and very sad that a young child of eight witnesses a father killing someone with a gun. I am sure other readers will feel the same.





The Ultimatum Karen Robards

The Guardian Series Book 1 – The Guardian Series Hardback published by Hodder

Amazon £17.26

Bianca St. Ives is smart, talented and beautiful. She’s also a high-end thief, a master manipulator, a card shark, and a genius of disguise.A femme fatale Robin Hood running a multinational firm with her father, she makes a living swindling con men out of money they stole and giving it back to those who should rightfully have it. Her father has prepared her well to carry on the family business, and now the prodigy has surpassed the master.But her latest mission didn’t go to plan – millions of dollars and top-secret government documents went missing, and her father was supposedly killed. But not everyone believes in his death, including the US government. They’ll stop at nothing to capture Richard St. Ives – a high-value target who has been on most-wanted lists all over the world – even if it means using Bianca as bait. With only a fellow criminal for backup and her life on the line, it’s up to Bianca to uncover the terrifying truth behind what really happened . . . and set it right, before it’s too late.

I felt really frightened reading this novel. In a small, one story house on the shore of Lake Michigan. On a cold October night a man was there to kill everyone who lived in the house. Mother Issa was waiting for husband to come home and four-year-old Beth was excited that daddy was coming home.   With hearing foot steps on the gravel, Issa thought her husband had returned home. But then as she couldn’t see no car she then realises that someone is in the house. Issa hides Beth in a basement cabinet.   The outcome of this story is so utterly unexpected that it caught me completely off guard. The man set fire to their house and then blew Thayer’s head off when he got out of his car. The man’s mission had been completed he had killed everyone who had lived in the house. 



The Way Back to Us Kay Langdale

Paperback Published by Hodder 10th August 2017 Waterstones Paperback £7.99

Since her son was diagnosed with a life-defining illness.  Anna has been fighting: against the friends who don’t know how to help; against the team assigned to Teddy’s care who constantly watch over Anna’s parenting; and against the impulse to put Teddy above all else – including his older brother, the watchful, sensitive Isaac.

And now Anna can’t seem to stop fighting against her husband, the one person who should be able to understand, but who somehow manages to carry on when Anna feels like she is suffocating

As Anna helplessly pushes Tom away, he can’t help but feel the absence of the simple familiarity that should come so easily, and must face the question: is it worse to stay in an unhappy marriage, or leave?


Kay Langdale is one of my favourite authors I just personally find that I can get into every book that she writes. Mother Anna is the perfect mother in my eyes. She has a lot to cope with two young children, Isaac and Teddy.When Teddy was one years old Anna took Teddy to a geneticist. He explained that little Teddy has SMA type 2. The neurologist explains that in order for the lower motor neurones in the spine to be healthy, there needs to be a protein called SMN. Without it, the lower motor neurones deteriorate, and then the message from the spinal cord can’t get through to the muscles, so movement becomes increasingly difficult. The muscles waste due to lack of movement. When father Tom takes out Teddy and Isaac to fly a kite it ends in disaster. Tom and Isaac tie the kite to Teddy’s wheelchair. But Teddy is light and his wheelchair is light. Suddenly the wheelchair started bumping and bouncing down a slope. I will let you find out what happened, but the mothering in us we would be rather angry. Sadly Tom has been seen with a young woman and someone suspects that he is having an affair. What I realise is Just how much do we know about anyone? Tom does love his wife and he tells Anna I want to find the way back to us. Can they both save their marriage? Please read this book. I promise that you’ll enjoy it and learn a lot more than what I described in my review.




An Act of Silence Colette McBeth

Hardback Published by Wildfire 29th June 2017 Amazon £15.90 

The gripping new psychological thriller that everyone is talking about.

These are the facts I collect.
My son Gabriel met a woman called Mariela in a bar. She went home with him. They next morning she was found in an allotment.
Mariela is dead.
Gabriel has been asked to report to Camden Police station in six hours for questioning.
Linda Moscow loving mother to Gabriel. Linda promised herself years ago that she never let her son down again. Even if it means going against everything she believes in she will do anything to protect him. She owes him that much.
Gabriel Miller the prodigal son.He only ever wanted his mother’s love but growing up he always seemed to do the wrong thing. If his mother could see the bad in him how could he possibly be good?
How far will a mother go to save her son? Linda’s decision might save Gabriel, but it will have a catastrophic impact on the lives of others. 


Funny man TV comic Gabriel Miller always lived in the public eye.  His mother, Linda Moscow was a Home Secretary, when a scandal broke out.  Gabriel was well-known for always dating lots of woman for the one thing sex. One evening Gabriel met a woman called Mariela in a Sushi bar. She went home with him where they had sex, but the next morning Mariela was found dead in an allotment. He needs his mother to believe him that he didn’t kill Mariela, but his mother wants to know how he got the scratch marks on his neck. So how did the scratch marks appear? And did the famous TV comic Gabriel Miller kill Mariela? Readers I adored reading this thriller with it lovely lots of twists that kept me turning the pages.




The Lawn Job Chuck Caruso

Paperback Published by Cloud Lodge Books Amazon £9.99 Published 20th July 2017

If you would like to win a copy of The Lawn Job email me with your name and address I will get publisher to send a copy to you or contact me on comments page.

The Lawn Job

When ex-con Craig Colllins began his new job mowing lawns, he was ready to leave his former life where it belonged in the past.

But everything changes when Craig suddenly loses one of his contracts after staring a little too hard at the aging trophy wife of his pizzeria mogul client, Big Gino Passarelli.

Soon Craig begins to hatch a plan for revenge along with his transgender sort of girlfriend, Juana. Since big Gino seems to enjoy cheating on his wife, Craig and Juana decide to blackmail him with a sex tape.

Their plan goes horribly wrong, and Craig finds himself in deeper and deeper trouble. It might be up to Big Gino’s wife, Sheila, to bail him out, but can she be trusted?


Sipping iced tea on a chase lounge beside the pool in her backyard, Big Gino’s wife, Sheila Pasarelli, allowed herself to fantazize about Craig Collins. She watched him idly in the distance, his tanned, muscular arms gleaming with sweat in the bright afternoon sun as he trimmed the hedges. What’s the harm, she thought. She would never actually sleep with a man like Collins. He did the yard work, for God’s sake. But she didn’t mind looking at him. ( Hmm I bet she didn’t mind looking at him )

My Review

Everything had been fine until Mrs. Pasarelli brought him that iced tea and started teasing him, acting all flirty. Even so, he’d tried to be polite and get back to work. But then she went and spread out in that bikini so he could get a good look at her. She had to know that he’d look. She had to know he’d get hot for her.  The Lawn Job is suspenseful as it is entertaining.





Three Days and a Life Pierre Lemaitre

Hardback Published by Quercus 13/07/2017 Waterstones £14.99

Antoine is twelve years old. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother in Beauval, a small, backwater town surrounded by forests, where everyone knows everyone’s business, and nothing much ever happens. But in the last days of 1999, a series of events unfolds, culminating in the shocking vanishing without trace of a young child. The adults of the town are at a loss to explain the disappearance, but for Antoine, it all begins with the violent death of his neighbour’s dog. From that one brutal act, his fate and the fate of his neighbour’s six-year-old son are bound forever.
In the years following Remi’s disappearance, Antoine wrestles with the role his actions played. As a seemingly inescapable net begins to tighten, breaking free from the suffocating environs of Beauval becomes a gnawing obsession. But how far does he have to run, and how long will it take before his past catches up with him again?


 The hardback Three Days and a Life by Pierre Lemaitre is worth every penny. I found myself unable to put this hardback down. 
What did not happen today would still be a threat tomorrow. Antoine is twelve years old. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother, his only companion is his dog until one day his dog vanished with without trace. To pass the time Antoine builds a fort and takes his neighbor Remi to see it. By accident Antoine kills Remi. Not knowing what to do he buries Remi’s body, and keeps it a secret from everyone. A search is set out to find Remi. Scared out of his mind Antoine want to runaway so no one will find him if the police find Remi’s body. But years later the police open up the disappearance of Remi once again. Will Antoine own up and tell the truth to the police?
The watch on the front cover I won’t explain as I don’t want to spoil your reading, I will leave you in suspense.
I loved the twist in this story it certainly was a twist that I didn’t see coming. This is my first book by Pierre Lemaitre that I have read and I will definitely be reading more of his books in the future.



Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips

Hardback Published by Doubleday 15th June 2017 Pages 288

Hardback Amazon £4.99 

Lincoln is a good boy. At the age of four, he is curious, clever and well behaved. He does as his mum says and knows what the rules are.
“The rules are different today. The rules are that we hide and do not let the man with the gun find us.
 When an ordinary day at the zoo turns into a nightmare, Joan finds herself trapped with her beloved son. She must summon all her strength, find unexpected courage and protect Lincoln at all costs – even if it means crossing the line between right and wrong; between humanity and animal instinct.
It’s a line none of us would ever normally dream of crossing.
But sometimes the rules are different.
I held my breath all the way through and couldn’t stop reading this Unputdownable book. What should have been a lovely outing at the zoo turns out to be a nightmare. An active shooter at Belleville Zoo reportedly shifts to hostage situation. Three men shoot some people at the zoo. Joan finds a safe place for her and her son Lincoln to hide in hope that police will arrive soon and find them. I Can’t recommend reading Fierce Kingdom highly enough there’s so much tense action running through until the final page.



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