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The Lost Girl Carol Drinkwater

Hardback Published by Penguin Books

Published in Hardback 29th June 2017

Amazon & Waterstones Hardback £12.99


A missing daughter. A desperate mother. A night that changes everything

 Her daughter disappeared four years ago. . .

 Since her daughter went missing, celebrated photographer Kurtiz Ross has been a woman alone. Her only companion her camera. Since Lizzie disappeared, she has blamed and isolated herself, given up hope. Until, out of the blue, an unexpected sighting of Lizzie is made in Paris.
Could this lead to the reconciliation she has dreamed of?
Within hours of Kurtiz arriving in Paris, the City of Light is plunged into a night of hell when a series of terrorist attacks bring the city to a standstill. Amid the fear and chaos, a hand reaches out. A sympathetic stranger in a cafe offers to help Kurtiz find her daughter.
A stranger’s guiding light
Neither knows what this harrowing night will deliver, but the other woman’s kindness – and her stories of her own love and loss in post-war Provence – shine light into the shadows, restoring hope, bringing the unexpected. Out of darkness and despair, new life rises. New beginnings unfold.
Dare she believe in a miracle?
Set during a time of bloodshed and chaos in one of the most beautiful cities on earth and along the warm fragrant shores of the Mediterranean, Kurtiz discovers that miracles really can happen . . .

The Lost Girl is a heart-rending story of loss and enduring love.

The Lost Girl is the most emotional story that I have ever read by Carol Drinkwater. The scenes have been described so well that I had tears in my eyes. The storyline is based on the unfolding of the November 2015 Paris atrocities on television that effected everyone. In The Lost Girl. As people attempted to lift from beneath their feet others who were no longer members of their party, merely felled, bullet ridden corpses. Some were on their mobiles, begging, pleading for assistance. people began to flood the scene, from other bars! restaurants, from neighboring blocks. They were hugging one another, weeping. Highly recommend reading. This is Carol Drinkwater at her very best with characters and words and with the know how to describe scenes that makes you feel you are right there in the scene. 

My heart goes out to all the injured and those who have lost their lives in Barcelona. I was due to go to Barcelona in early September for a concert. I’m not sure if we are going now.


Hiding in Plain Sight Susan Lewis

– The Detective Andee Lawrence Hardback Published by Century On 10th August 2017

Amazon £9.09

Andee Lawrence is in heaven. Well, the South of France to be exact. 

Ex-detective Andee has swapped freelance investigation and a broken marriage, for two months in Provence, renovating a beautiful villa with the new man in her life. Pottering around a small picturesque town on an early summer’s day, she is at peace. But her world is about to be shattered.

Remember me?   

Two words spoken by a woman from the back of a car that say so much yet reveal so little.As the car drives away Andee is left reeling, overwhelmed by shock, confusion, self-doubt and mounting trepidation.

Almost thirty years ago, fourteen year old Penny had disappeared from her family’s life, never to be heard from again. It is the missing child case that has haunted Andee her whole life; And now Penny – Andee’s sister – is back.

The question is why?


Susan Lewis is one of my favourite writers. Hiding In Plain Sight is out 10th August 2017 by Century books. If you like Diane Chamberlain your love reading novels by Susan Lewis. What I particularly like about Susan is she is never afraid to tackle gritty subjects. Hiding In Plain Sight follows the story of one of Susan’s most popular returning characters, ex-detective Andee Lawrence. Continuing on from Behind Closed Doors and The Moment She Left, Hiding In Plain Sight is a novel that finally unravels Andee most personal mystery, what happened to her fourteen-year-old sister Penny when she disappeared thirty years ago? The question is yes you might forgive but can you forget? Fans of Susan Lewis will enjoy this new novel, making up your own mind if you might forgive……





The Stolen Child  Sanjida Kay

Paperback Published by Corvus

 Published 7th September 2017

Amazon £7.99


Zoe and Ollie Morley tried for years to have a baby and couldn’t. They turned to adoption and their dreams came true when they were approved to adopt a little girl from birth. They named her Evie.
Seven years later, the family has moved to Yorkshire and grown in number: a wonderful surprise in the form of baby Ben. As a working mum it’s not easy for Zoe, but life is good.
But then Evie begins to receive letters and gifts.
The sender claims to be her birth father.
He has been looking for his daughter. And now he is coming to take her back…


I began to be a fan of Sanjida Kay after reading the paperback Bone To Bone. I am so glad that Sanjida is back with a brand new novel The Stolen Child that I must say is now one of the best paperback thrillers that I have read.  My heart went out to Zoe and Ollie Morley as their family is torn apart. Zoe and Ollie tried for years to have a baby and couldn’t. They decided to adopt a baby. There seems to be a problem with the little baby that they have named Evelyn, Evie for short. Evie seems to have black hair and her skin is pale brown. But little Evie is suffering from Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and is being treated for drug addiction. Once Evie starts school Zoe has her heart-broken when she reads a story by Evie about the princess who lives with her nasty wicked stepmother and father and she sets off across the moor in search of her real parents. Presents and letters are given to Evie who claims that he is her real daddy and her real daddy is coming for her.  The race is on when Evie goes missing from school, someone has taken her. Will the police and Zoe find Evie?  I loved every page with all its twists. A stop and order The Stolen Child is a must.


Book publishers I won’t order from Part 1

Bloodhound is a book publishing company  I won’t order from. Why I will explain!

I have been brought up with books galore since I can ever remember. I know you all have too. I only will read paperbacks or hardbacks loving the feel & smell of a book. I collect bookmarks too of all different sizes, which I choose what bookmark I will use for the size of my book that I’m reading. I get super excited when a publisher kindly sends me a book to review or with my pile of books through the post from Amazon or book depository or Waterstones.


I won’t read books online via netgalley or anywhere. Although I love reading all blogger’s reviews for those of you who read a lot of ebooks. I always make a point of clicking on your like button if I like the sound of your book and your review . But reading novels online isn’t for me never ever. After all we are all different and like reading in different ways.


Why I won’t order any books from Bloodhound is for the fact that they won’t send out paperbacks to review. Believe me I requested a paperback book and they told me that Bloodhound will only send ebooks.  But for those blogger’s who follow me know that I do love Bloodhound books and I am always there liking your reviews pressing your like button. I haven’t anything against anyone liking Bloodhound ebooks.

I personally don’t think it is fair for Bloodhound Books not to send out any paperbacks for blogger’s to review. Getting word out there about their books should be important to them and Bloodhound only offering ebooks to send blogger’s in my view is not fair. This is my own opinion but I think it’s a cheap way of Bloodhound Books to get reviews out there by only giving out ebooks .

Now you know why I won’t order Bloodhound books on Amazon/Book depository or Waterstones. I do admit In the past I have bought 3 paperbacks by Bloodhound on Amazon using my Christmas gift card, but not anymore I won’t.  I’m deeply hurt that Bloodhound Books refused to send out a paperback . Here is another reason why I won’t order any Bloodhound Books.


Most book publishers will send you a ARC copy of book if you ask them nicely, providing they have some left. Book companies do need the publicity specially if a new author has been signed up.


I have been thinking for quite some time now about doing this review about why I won’t order from Bloodhound Books. I’m afraid that there are other book publishing companies that I won’t order from for various reasons which I may include them at some other point.

Good news I would like to do a review on my favourite book publishing companies and why.

If any of you have had trouble with a book publishing company I would love to hear from you.

For all of you who do ebooks reviews for Bloodhound, I really do admire you all and I know that you love what you do and I will still love reading your reviews.



MY REVIEW . The Story of Ideal Love broke my heart. Venus loves her husband. She loved him so much. She will love him forever. She thought their future love would be forever. The hospital gives Venus the most devastating heartbreaking news. Her husband Gilles was traveling on the underground one morning. He had a heart attack and fell unconscious. He couldn’t be brought back to life. The hospital did all they could but the heart attack was extremely severe. The heart attack was so big, no one would have survived it.  As time passes Venus Rees meet Alex who handsome and sensitive.  But will they both want to be together?

The blurb

Venus Rees is left devastated by the sudden death of her husband, Gilles. But when she discovers that he died of a treatable genetic condition she knew nothing about, she is haunted by the thought that he didn’t love her enough to save himself. As time passes, the emptiness of Venu’s life becomes apparent, no more so than when she meets the handsome and sensitive Alex. Her attraction to him eclipses even her preoccupation with her dead husband as she embarks on an unusual love triangle. But what if she doesn’t reckon on is Alex’s past link with Gilles.


Kill Me Twice Simon Booker

Paperback Published by Zaffre

Amazon £7.99

Published 24th August 2017



He must be. His ex, Angelica, is in prison for murdering him in an arson attack. Multiple forensic experts testified to finding his charred remains.
So when Angelica begs investigative journalist Morgan Vine to prove her innocence, it seems an impossible task. It doesn’t matter that Karl was abusive. That Angelica has a baby to care for. That she’s petrified of fire. The whole world knows Karl is dead.
Then he turns up outside Morgan’s window . . .


 Kill Me Twice is a compulsively gripping thriller perfect for fans of Harlan Coben.

After a terrible row Karl told Angelica that she was a terrible mother and he threatened to snatch their child Marlon and take him out of the country. Angelica spent months plotting her escape. While Karl was at work she took Marlon to the park. She never came back. The headlines in the paper Karl Savage died in a flat fire. His body was so badly burnt that he had to be identified by dental records. The police want to know where Angelica was the night he died?.The way the police see Karl death is that Angelica started the fire to kill Karl so he couldn’t snatch Marlon and take him out of the country.  The whole world knows that Karl Savage is dead. Would you like to know what really happened? I hope lots of readers will buy Kill Me Twice and find out.
A few lines from Kill Me Twice
Part One
Someone is watching.
She can feel his eyes.
But there’s no one in sight.
No one down on the shoreline or in the woods up ahead.
Morgan and her daughter have had the cliffs to themselves since the rain died away and the sun began to shine. No sign of another soul since leaving the beach climbing the steps to the windswept path looking over to France. Once you get past the golf course the ugly clubhouse, the manicured green things get rougher.
The track dips into a wooded hollow then rises towards a kissing gate. Looming on the horizon is the memorial to those who kept the Channel open during two world wars. On a normal day the obelisk is a beacon spurring Morgan towards coffee at the White Cliffs Cafe. This is not a normal day.
Her instincts are right.
Someone is watching.
The savage blow to the back of the head comes out of a clear blue sky. One minute she’s trying to talk twenty old Lisa out of getting…….



Face Value: A Wright & Tran Novel: Volume 1 By Ian Andrew

Paperback – 11 May 2015 Amazon £8.49

Kara Wright and Tien Tran, combat veterans of an elite intelligence unit, now make their living as Private Investigators. Often working the mundane, just occasionally they get to use all their former training.

When siblings Zoe and Michael Sterling insist that their middle-aged parents have gone missing, Kara and Tien are at first sceptical and then quickly intrigued; the father, ex-intelligence analyst Chris Sterling, appears to be involved with an elusive Russian thug.

Using less than orthodox methods and the services of ex-colleagues with highly specialised talents, Wright & Tran take on the case. But the truth they uncover is far from simple and will shake Zoe and Michael as much as it will challenge Tien and anger Kara. An anger she can ill afford for she is being hunted by others for the killing of a street predator who chose the wrong prey.

The only constant in this darkening world is that nothing and no one can be taken at face value.


Reading Face Value was like watching a film. Yes most definitely this book should be snapped up by film companies. A man was killed in a stabbing in Huntingdon. The victim thought to be in his late 30’s. His identity was not available, he was found in an alley. Who killed him? Sorry I can’t possibly tell you that! Kara Wright and Tien Tran run a private investigations company. Michael Sterling and his sister Zoe need Wright and Tran Investigations to help find their parents who have gone missing. Ian Andrew can most certainly be relied on to deliver a page turning thriller with characters that are very interesting to read about.


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